How to Create Your Own Backyard Oasis


Are you planning to have people over for some summer get-togethers? Does your backyard need sprucing up for barbecues, parties, or just to make your home feel more complete? Try these tips to make your backyard an oasis. 

Spruce Up Your Deck or Patio 

Add a rug, update your old furniture, or add some pillows for a fresh look. You can get slipcovers for furniture to update it without buying new pieces. You can even use towels with cute designs to update the look of your furniture! Keep some blankets on hand for late, chilly nights. 

Build a Mini-Bar 

Get a mini-fridge and build or buy a cart that it will fit into. Make sure the top is long enough for mixing drinks. Add some stools on the side for additional seating. Now you have a mini-bar in your backyard! 

Make a Privacy Wall 

There are many great ideas to make a unique wall to give you some privacy if needed. You can use lattice to build a wall that encloses your space. Plant some tall-growing plants like bamboo, privet, or boxwood for privacy in tune with nature. Build a plant privacy wall that you can put your favorite hanging plants on. 

Make Some Shade 

If you don’t have any shade in your backyard or a patio or deck with a roof, put up a boat sail to create some shade in your backyard. There are many designs and colors that you can get. Grab your favorite to make it unique and to your tastes. 

Add Outdoor Lighting 

If you have late nights, you will need outdoor lighting. Install solar lights around your yard. These charge during the day and do not use any electricity. There are various designs and styles of solar lights that will make your backyard truly magical. Add in some hanging twinkle lights to further brighten your backyard and have different kinds of lighting throughout your yard. 

Install a Fire Pit

You see fire pits in almost every backyard. You can buy a fire pit kit and have this ready in a day. To make your own, you can purchase material and build a backyard fire pit that you design. You can also buy a metal fire kit ready to set up automatically without any prep work needed. 

Build a Natural Swimming Pool

Creating a natural swimming pool in your backyard can turn it into a relaxing oasis. This project takes some time, but you can design your pool to your liking. Make it a different shape than what is typically seen and add in some unique features that a regular pool would not have, like rocks around the edge. You can even build a small dock to sit on at the edge. 

Does having a backyard oasis sound like a dream come true, but you don’t have room at your current home to do any of these great ideas? Contact Hurdle today and let them help you find the land of your dreams to create your own backyard oasis in!