Why You Need Rural Land in O’Quinn’s Pond Farm, GA

To have a home surrounded by the beauty of God’s green earth – isn’t that the American dream? Imagine building your own personal home in the midst of tall and plentiful trees with your closest neighbors being the woodland creatures all around. You fall asleep to the sound of crickets instead of traffic, and you wake to bright sunshine instead of hazy pollution. Life in O’Quinn’s Pond Farm moves at the pace you set, which is exactly what you need.

Beyond this restful new lifestyle, check out these other reasons to consider moving to rural Georgia.

Peace of Mind

As mentioned above, living in the country offers considerable benefits over urban life. You can’t help but to slow things down once you turn the corner off Route 24. With the slower pace comes fewer obligations, fewer deadlines, and a desire to leave the “respond now” pace of life behind. Wouldn’t it be great if the only thing you had to pay attention to is your dog?

Your Own Good Health

When you have a home in rural Georgia, chances are you won’t be able to sit still. If you are a “hands-in-the-dirt” kind of person, you really should have a nice, big garden. Imagine the garden you could have on the 5-10 acres of land available in rural Georgia. The benefits of eating homegrown and organic fruits and vegetables have long been promoted, so what better way to ensure your own healthy longevity by growing your own? Not to mention the fresh air and exercise you’ll get while preparing, sowing, and harvesting your garden!

Educational Enrichment

If you purchase land in O’Quinn’s Pond Farm, you are close enough to American history to find all the American history lessons you need to keep you informed while living in Georgia. Your new home is only half an hour away from Macon, where you will discover important Civil War sites as well as Native American lore that dates back as much as 17,000 years.

Extra Pocket Money

Would you love to live off the land AND make a living from the literal fruits of your labor? With so many people trying to eat clean these days, your farming wares will be in high demand. After putting aside what you need to keep for your own nourishment, take the rest to a farmer’s market to share the wealth (and pocket the proceeds). Macon County has plenty of opportunities for you to sell your goods, and Milledgeville (where O’Quinn’s Pond Farm is located) also boasts two farmer’s market opportunities for you.


Now that you are drooling over the life you could have by purchasing rural land in O’Quinn’s Pond Farm, GA, it’s time to give Hurdle Reality a call. There are several plots available and a real estate specialist would love to help you pick the perfect space for your new home.