The website is updated daily in order to provide the most accurate inventory.

We do an actual survey of every farm at the time of development. The corners are marked with iron pins hammered into the ground about two feet deep. So believe me, they are there! We understand that growing seasons and the elements can wipe away the survey ribbons and can bury the iron pins. We spend a lot of time and expense to make sure property lines are well marked.  We will do our best to help you find your corners and lines. But remember, we may be sellers, but we are NOT engineers. If you need a line marked for a fence or due to a property line dispute, we will be happy to pass along the name and number of the engineer that did the original survey. The price of a new survey will vary due to acreage and drive distance for the engineer. 

Taxes are due annually and are not included in the mortgage.  Generally, property taxes are sent to whomever the property of record was on January 1 of each year. In most cases, we will get the first tax bill. We will go ahead and pay that bill, but then we will send you a copy of it with your pro-rated share that you will have to reimburse us for. The next year, you will receive the bill and will be responsible for paying it. 

Also known as a percolation test or a soil test. This process tests the soil to assure that the soil drains well enough for a septic tank to be installed. With few exceptions we have had the subdivision perked as a whole. All lots have been approved by the local health department to have a septic systems unless otherwise stated.

If the property has been previously lived on, there is the possibility that the land may already have one or both improvements. Hurdle Land & Realty does not guarantee the working condition of these systems. You can have them inspected for service by the health department in the county that you are purchasing in. 

We no longer use the Holly Springs office for our collections. You can reach Make My Land Payment by phone at 770-696-1500 for questions on your account. 

All payments are due at the first of every month and are considered late on the tenth. The payment needs to be received by this time, not just postmarked.

Currently we have land for sale in the following counties:

Georgia: Barrow, Burke, Butts, Carroll, Crawford, Henry, Jackson, Jasper, Newton, Putnam, and Twiggs.

Tennessee: Bedford, Coffee, and Lawrence.

South Carolina: Aiken, Greenville, and Laurens.

Kentucky: Allen

Alabama: Blount


This list is subject to grow and shrink. Be sure to visit the Location page of our site and get the most up to date availability. We are always looking for more!

We trust you for trusting us! After a signed contract is returned, we give you possession of the property.

Due to differnt variables in each farm, we price them by the farm and not by the acre.

Since we are a small family operation with land in several states, we can't be there all the time. What we do have is an open invitation to visit ANY of our sites at ANY time. You have our permission to get out of the car and walk all over any farm you are interested in.  For this reason we strive to have each farm clearly marked with for sale signs with terms listed along with pins marking the corners and survey ribbons marking the sides. If you call the office, it may be possible to make an appointment to meet someone if you are having a problem locating the farms.

Download one of our pdf brochures and you will find directions included. Be sure to look over the availability list before you ride out!

You may cut if for the purpose of clearing for a driveway or garden. If you plan on selling the timber, then you must have permission. Usually, if we grant permission, we will require the money received to go towards your loan balance since the trees are considered a part of your mortgage. No timber may be cut or sold without permission of the developer. Timber companies are required (by a higher authority than us)  to contact the mortgage holder to get permission as well. 

All farms are just as they were developed. Most farms have hardwoods and trees but some are more open. It could be that farms previously owned have been cleared to make space for a home, pasture, or garden. Why don't you just choose a location and print our directions and take a ride out and see for yourself.  We give you permission to go to any of our properties and walk all over them.

Absolutely, we love to meet our customers! However, we do ask that you make an appointment. It does take us a little while to prepare all the necessary documents. Our waiting room is small and uncomfortable, so we wouldn't want you to have to wait long!

We have some general pictures on this site. Some of them signify that they are NOT part of the actual development, so look close!  The inventory changes so often it is hard to keep up moving that much data around the site. Besides wouldn't you rather go out and take a walk on your land before purchasing it?  A site visit is required and it does a lot more for you than a picture!

Well of course there are closing costs, but you do not pay them!

We cover all the costs associated with the business side of the transaction. All you have out of pocket is your down payment and then the monthly payments that will usually start the following month. It really is that easy! We truly go to great efforts for you to have the opportunity to participate in the American Dream!

We would like for you to get it back to us with 7 days. It costs us to keep a farm off the maket. If you have a change of heart, just call us. We will understand, we promise!

Well of course you are!  You must pay the down payment of each farm purchased. That small downpayment does not even cover the costs we incur in preparing just one set of closing papers for you. So if you buy more than one farm, it would really get expensive up front for us!

Your deed will be recorded in your name after 6 months of timely payments.


You may pay ahead to have these recorded early but please notify us if you plan to do so. 

What we advertise is our most liberal terms. It is a simple interest loan at 9.9% fixed interest for 360 months. These terms will never change once your property is secured. NEVER will your payment go up.  If you would like to finance for a lesser period of time, just let us know and we can change it in order to meet your budget! Of course the payment goes up, but the amount of interest you pay goes down!

Anything that is paid over your monthly minimum is applied to the principal of the loan. If you plan on doing this, please write separate check and tell us it is a pre-payment. We want to be sure it gets applied correctly.

We can accept credit and debit cards for payment. There is a 3% fee for this service and you must call the Make My Land Payment office at 770-696-1500.

We also have an Electronic Transfer option for your monthly payment. This allows for your monthly payment to be drafted straight from your account so it will never be late.  Just go to the home page of this site and click on the Sign up for EFT link in the bottom right corner!

Yes, putting more down will lower the monthly payment. But this is not a car loan. It will take a significant amount to make a significant difference in the payment because the term is much longer than a car loan. 

No way! You will only be charged interest for the actual time that you owe money AND only on the amount you owe. All pre-payments, no matter the amount, will come off the back end of your loan. 100% of pre-payments will be a straight deduction from the principal balance.  This means that the loan will pay off early without penalty!

The staff in the sales office is not suppose to accept payments. IF you place your payment and coupon from your monthly statement in the envelope provided, you could drop it off and we will make sure they receive it.  We have a mail slot on the front door if you come by and we are not there.


Otherwise, mail payments to:

Make My Land Payment

P. O. Box 309

170 Bankers Blvd.  Suite 200 Monroe Georgia 30655

You can make your check payable to Make My Land Payment. 

Please do NOT send cash. 

You account number is located on the cover letter which is included in your land purchase packet. Also, just call us and we can give it to you! 1-800-762-4851

Send all payments made out to the name of the develoment that you purchased in or to Make My Land Payment to:

Make My Land Payment

170 Bankers Blvd.  Suite 200 Monroe Georgia 30655

Remember to write your Account Number on your check. Please send the coupon from your monthly statement and use the envelope provided.

Please do NOT send cash. 

We require that you get us your down payment within 7 business days. If it is any longer than that, we have to place the farm back on the market. This might cause you to miss the purchase. So don't delay!

Send your down payment made out to the name of the subdivision you are purchasing in to:

Hurdle Land & Realty

170 Bankers Blvd.  Suite 200 Monroe Georgia 30655.

We also accept money orders and cashiers checks. If you like to deal in cash, we prefer you come by the office. We would love to meet you! Please do NOT mail us cash.

You can make your check or money order payable to the farm name you purchased property within. (Ex: Barksdale Farms, Deep Lake Farms, Saw Mill Farms etc.)

We have a don't ask don't tell policy.  We do not ask you about your credit so you do not have to tell us about it! Some say that history repeats itself.  If we followed that line of thought, then it means that we do not believe a person can come back after slipping up. 
All kidding aside... We finance you an undeveloped tract of agricultural farm land. You cannot move, hide or "take off" with a piece of land like you can with an automobile, boat, camper or other personal property. There is no structure on the property. In fact there is nothing on the property other than what you would find in nature: grass, trees and dirt. We are simply giving you the opportunity to purchase something that at times seems out of reach for a lot people. We are offering you a fair chance to buy a piece of land for yourself and your family. 

In case you have not seen the rest of this site, financing is our specialty! We will finance you any of our tracts. Browse through the rest of the FAQ and our site. You will like what you see!