Owner Financed Land in South Carolina

South Carolina is the very picture of southern charm and hospitality. Wouldn’t you love to live where neighbors tip their hats as they pass? Where the server at the local café knows your name? That’s the life you could live if you purchased land in Greenville County or Aiken County.

As pretty as the big meadows, mature trees, and babbling brooks are, you’ll also appreciate that city life isn’t too far away. From Aiken County, just cross the state line to August, GA, when you need some exciting nightlife. In Greenville County, you can head over to Greenville for shopping and upscale restaurants. The rest of the time, you can relax on your front porch with an ice-cold glass of sweet tea and some of Grandma’s cookies. Everything you’ve dreamed about is just a small down payment away.

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Experience simpler times and reconnect with nature by oning and operating your very own farm land at Huck Finn Farms. Named after Mark Twain’s classic character, these large parcels offer a perfect setting to returning to those friendlier times. On the northern edge of Aiken County, SC, between the cities of Augusta and Columbia, Huck Finn Farms is an awesome location.

These convenient farms can be reached right off of State Route 101 in the southern tip of Greenville County, SC. Just outside the city limits of Greenville, Latimer Farms is just far enough to get away from cramped city life but close enough to when there is a need for privacy. There are 31 individual land tracts each no more than 4 acres in size.

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If you don’t want to head to the big city, that’s okay! Aiken and Greenville both have plenty of history and attractions to keep your family busy all year long. If you’re hoping to move to Aiken, you’ll want to visit the Aiken Arboretum Trail, the Aiken Art Annex, and the Aiken County Historical Museum. Horse lovers should also tour the Aiken Equine Rescue, or maybe learn to play polo!

Greenville is also waiting for you with nature galore at Falls Park on the Reedy, Paris Mountain State Park, and the Swamp Rabbit Trail. If you prefer less hiking and more exotic wildlife, there’s also the Greenville Zoo. Want to spend your family time eating instead? Check out the world-famous BBQ Tour, only found in Greenville.

We have owner-financed land just minutes away from all of these fun things to do—and so much more! South Carolina is calling you. Can you hear it?

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