About Us

For over 50 years Hurdle Land & Realty has conducted business with the philosophy that owning your own property is an essential part of the American Dream. That is why three generations of Hurdles have enabled thousands of people just like you to purchase land hassle free.

Hurdle Land and RealtyNow, let’s just get straight to it and answer your most important questions: Yes, you can get a loan through us and no we do not run credit checks. This is why: We finance you an undeveloped tract of agricultural farm land. You cannot move, hide or "take off" with a piece of land like you can with an automobile, boat, camper or other personal property. There is no structure on the property. In fact there is nothing on the property other than what you would find in nature: grass, trees and dirt. We are simply giving you the opportunity to purchase something that is generally out of reach for most people. We are offering you a fair chance to buy a piece of land for yourself and your family. 

We do things a bit differently than a traditional lender. We promise to finance you, if you promise to pay us. We believe in a hand shake. We take a man for his word. We feel too many people have lost this type of service. If one of us ends up not living up to our agreement, then there are practices in place to resolve that. But in the beginning, we trust our customer. Besides, this saves you money overall, eliminates the complicated process of securing a mortgage from a bank and it all works with just a small amount of cash up front.

When purchasing real estate there are costs involved that are above the cost of the property itself.  You have probably heard terms regarding these fees like document prep, attorney cost, title service, deed stamps, survey, application fees, points, commissions and the list goes on. However, when you buy from us, we cover all associated fees with the transaction for you. We will NEVER ask you to pay for any of these fees before or after the sale!  

Here is how it works: You pay a total down payment of $295. We currently have a set fixed interest rate of 9.9%. We are flexible with the term of the loan.  We will finance to you for as short as 12 months or extend it as long as 360 months--whatever fits your budget! Our office will prepare all the necessary closing documents for you to sign, some of which include:

Promissory Note - The promise you make to pay for the property by making your monthly payments

Deed to Secure Debt - Allows us the right to take the property back should you not make the necessary monthly payments.

Warranty Deed - The document that actually transfers the property from us to you

Truth in Lending Disclosure - Reviews all the financial data about the transaction.

Hurdle Land and RealtyThese documents must be signed in front of a notary.  You can either come to our office or we can mail them to you, so you can visit your local bank or attorney’s office to sign them in the presence of a notary.  Once you send those documents back to us and after you have made three monthly payments, we transfer ownership to you with a Warranty Deed. We will take care of recording the necessary documents in the county courthouse. We pay all of the costs for the preparation and recording of these documents.  As the new property owner, you will then be required to pay the property taxes. It is that simple. Since you hold title when you purchase land this way, you can refinance the property or sell it. If you sell, we will let your buyer assume the note if they need some financing.  There is never a penalty for pre-payment!

Thank you for visiting Hurdle.com. If you have any questions about what you have read or would like to see what land we currently have available, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling our toll-free number: 1-800-762-4851.

We are not a real estate brokerage company. All of the land we sell, we own. However, we do hold a real estate brokers license.