What It’s like Living in a Rural Community

What It’s Like Living in A Rural Community

By Hurdle Land & Realty


Are you ready to make the big move to a rural community? If you grew up in a city or an urban area, you probably wonder what rural life will look like. The culture is a little different here: we work hard, live slowly, and appreciate the little things. If that sounds like the life for you, read on to learn more about what your future rural community will be like. 

Strong Sense of Community

Here in the country, we often have a tighter sense of community than most city areas. The Census Bureau classifies rural areas as having less than 2,500 people, meaning everybody will likely know each other. If you step into your favorite cafe, you might run into your doctor, hairdresser, and plumber all at once! People in the country tend to be friendlier, so you may find it easier to build relationships within your rural community vs. your old city community.

Mind Your Manners  

The strong sense of community also comes from rural values. Many rural communities emphasize relationships with your neighbors and being active in local events. Each community has a different set of unspoken social rules, so you’ll have to take your time picking them up. You don’t want to make any hasty assumptions!

Slower Living

Everyone here in rural areas lives more slowly. We like to let go of the need to hustle from thing to thing and let time take us where it goes. Rural people are more open to running into friends at the store or the coffee shop and taking their time to talk to each other. The slow, rolling countryside around us matches our way of life. 

Local Businesses

One of the biggest roadblocks to rural life is less access to big stores, restaurants, and healthcare. If you’re craving a specific type of food, itching to go to the mall or have a tricky health issue, you’ll have to drive a couple of hours to get what you need. 

However, the local businesses that are close by are one-of-a-kind. Small businesses are where the community thrives, where you can become friends with your baristas and servers. Many businesses sell unique handmade items and food grown from local farms. By shopping at these places, you feed back into the community, and the cycle continues!

Rural Activities 

Rural communities might not have fancy forms of entertainment like the city, but they still have plenty to offer. Local schools and colleges offer year-round concerts and plays, which are a great way to support your kiddos’ education. Parades, fundraisers, and downtown events are also fun and simple ways to spend a Saturday. The country is also big on craft fairs, where you can browse for beautiful handmade items. 


If this life sounds exciting to you, we at Hurdle Land & Realty can help you make it your own. We offer owner-financed land to make it easy to purchase rural land and build your homestead. Contact us today to find out more!