6 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied During Spring Break in Georgia

6 Ways to Keep the Kids Occupied During Spring Break in Georgia

While the kids might cheer that school is closed, moms and dads might be wondering what to do to keep them busy – and keep everyone from going crazy.

If you’ll be spending time in Georgia, no worries! There are plenty of activities to keep kids of all ages entertained, whether out and about (6-feet from others) or staying inside at home. Take a look at a few of these ideas.

If You Want to Venture Outside for the Day…

1. Home Water Park

For those with an adventurous spirit who can’t wait to get outside, spring is starting to bring the sun and heat for a day at the pool. Don’t have one? You can build your own Home Water Park with a hose and easily found items around the garage (or ordered from Amazon). Pool noodles, some PVC pipe, and a plastic tarp or trash bags can go a long way on a hot day.

2. Scenic Driving Tour

Kids who get stir crazy stuck at home (and their parents, too), might enjoy touring Georgia’s rich scenery without interacting with others. One of the oldest routes in the country is the Woodpecker Trail, established in 1947 by the Woodpecker Route Association. And while the total trail is 204 miles, from Augusta to Folkston, the best part is that you decide how long your tour lasts.

3. Hike the Waterfalls

No matter where in Georgia you find yourself, you’re likely close to a beautiful hiking trail with awesome views of waterfalls. Bring your kids and a picnic lunch to enjoy a day outside. See which of these is best for you.

Helen, GA - Anna Ruby Falls offers a steep, 10 mile round trip with the falls right around the bend when you first first off.
Lakemont, GA - Minnehaha Falls will provide you with longer trails, but an easier hike and a breathtaking view.
Toccoa, GA - Toccoa Falls is a short hike with an amazing, sky-high waterfall.
Blairsville, GA - Helton Creek Falls is also a short, easy hike with beauty to see through the whole trip.

If You’re Hanging Out at Home…

4. Make your own LEGOLand

If you have kids aged 3-10, you probably have LEGOs lying around the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to let your kids use their imagination, building awesome creations, and coming up with new designs? Even older kids and parents can join in the fun and exercise the mind when you see all the many things that can be done with those iconic little bricks.

5. Explore Your New Farm

Maybe you just bought some land, and you haven’t had a chance to really explore. Gather the kids, pack a picnic lunch and a camera, and set out to visit every inch of your new farm. Trees and flowers are in bloom, making perfect subjects for photographs.

6. Get Crafting

Honestly, isn’t this what you’ve all been waiting for? Time to start on those crafts you’ve been dreaming of. With all the nature surrounding you, you and the kids have plenty of raw materials to work from. Dry some flowers, build spring wreaths, or maybe even spray paint fallen branches for cool, minimal bouquets around the house.

Whatever plans you make (or don’t make) for this year’s spring break, Georgia is the place to be to do it all. If you can’t wait to call Georgia your home, call Hurdle today to get your own property to call home. We have land for sale that’s owner financed, so you can take possession right away - maybe even just in time for spring break!