4 Rural Land Improvement Resolutions

land improvements

Land is one of the most stable investments you can make this year, and we make it easier than ever. Once you’ve made a down payment on any of the land in Georgia, Tennessee, or South Carolina, you can start making improvements right away. With that kind of freedom, you may not even know where to begin. That’s why we decided to share these New Year’s resolutions for improving your farm.

Septic System

Part of developing your land purchase will be installing a septic system, should you decide to move onto the property. Understanding how a septic system works and where it needs to be placed in regards to your home is important information. Before you build, contact your local Environmental Health Department to understand what steps you will need to take to ensure that you do not have to cut down that tree you love so much!

Tree Clearing

Speaking of trees... Some lots may come with plenty of room cleared for building. Others might just require that you remove some trees. Since the trees (aka "the timber") are part of the mortgage on your land, we have to grant permission before you can sell it.  It is also required that a timber company contact us as the mortgage holder. If we are able to grant permission—because we cannot always offer it—to sell the timber from your property, we will apply the money you make to your mortgage, which will help you pay it off faster.


Many of the lots are large enough for small farms, including animals. To keep those animals in and other animals out, you’ll want to fence it all in. Building your fence is a great way to establish ownership and show your accomplishment, too. You’ll always be able to stand on your front porch and look out over everything you worked so hard to achieve.

Sheds and Barns

Adding a shed or a barn to your property will give you valuable square footage for storage. Large lots of land really benefit from a place where yard tools and other items can be kept safe from the elements. If you ever need to sell your farm for any reason, you can be certain a shed or barn will make your lot more desirable than those without.

Now, this is all before you begin work on your new home. You may decide to start that right away, too. Whether you start from the ground up or bring in a modular home, you’ll know the rest of your land is beautiful and ready for your use.