Taking Advantage of Today: Land in Laurens County, SC and Keysville Farms in Burke County, GA are $2,500 Off

In a struggling economy one southeast agricultural real estate company is stepping up to relieve the fallout. Hurdle Land & Realty is offering all the farms in Laurens County, SC and the Keysville Farms in Burke County, Georgia at a $2,500 discount for the month of September.

Hurdle Land & Realty built their philosophy upon the belief that owning your own land is an essential part of the American dream and want to give everyone a chance to claim their piece of that dream. Building upon that, Geoff Hurdle, president, strives to make land available for everyone by featuring land at a discount and offering a fixed interest rate of 7.9 percent with owner financing.

“Our whole goal is to promote our business as a place that helps you make your dreams come true,” says Geoff.

Hurdle land is ideal for those looking to cultivate ‘baby farms’, those who just want to escape the urban lifestyle, or for the people who are looking to just plant roots somewhere private. “For 3 generations, we have promoted a simplified way for people to own and build upon their own land,” claims Geoff, “we want to give everyone the opportunity to achieve something they might not see as possible.” With the farms located in Laurens County close to Greenville and the Keysville Farms located near Augusta and Aiken, GA, those not looking to lose the atmosphere of the city have the opportunity to experience the urban lifestyle without having to move there completely.

Hurdle land in Laurens County and Keysville Farms vary in tract size and are offered at affordable monthly rates. These developers offer simple, owner financing at a discounted rate without going through mortgage or lending companies. Contact Hurdle before the discount ends.