Rural vs. Urban Living

Everyone has their own opinion about where they prefer to live. Urban or Rural, each area has their tradeoff. What are the benefits for each and why do people decide to leave one for the other?

The urban lifestyle is full of hustle and bustle. Everyone has a place to be, and efficiency is key for an urbanite’s life to run smoothly. A ruralite experiences a slower lifestyle, everyone knows everyone and community picnics can be a weekly thing over the summer. Which area is right for you and your lifestyle?


1. Culture- If you enjoy viewing museums, art galleries, attending diverse concerts, going to the ballet and the symphony on a regular basis then city life is for you. A rural community will sometime offer those things but it’s certainly not considered a regular occurrence.

2. Diversity- In one day you could meet the CEO of a fortune 500 and walk by the prince of Dubai. You get to meet a wide variety of people of a daily basis. In rural areas the communities remain similar to how they’ve always been.

3. Transportation- You don’t need a car if you live in the city. A bus line is available almost anywhere you live and more than likely you can walk to wherever you need to go. Rural areas require you to drive everywhere you go.  


1. Cost of living- To maintain the same standard of living in a city compared to a rural community requires less money. Housing expenses are lower, schools are cheaper, gas is cheaper, almost everything you need is cheaper in rural areas.

2. Privacy- Space is everywhere. Want to play a game in the backyard? No problem. Want to sit on your porch and look up at the stars? I’ll see you there at dusk. No one shares a wall and many of your neighbors are a medium distance walk away.

3. Independence- In general you are left alone to do what you want with your property.

4. Community- You can count on your community to adopt you. If you need a cup of sugar walk to your neighbors and they will gladly part with some. Everyone is friendly and glad to help if you have any problems or needs.

Both types of living offer different things, which one you pick is determined by what your priorities are and where you will be the most happy. Here at Hurdle we offer you the opportunity to change your life in the best way at an affordable price. Give rural communities a chance and you won’t regret it.