The Perks of Living in the Country

rural living perks

Cities get to claim all kinds of perks, don’t they? Culture here, great food there, and then live music, theater, sporting events, and everything else sprinkled on top. The convenience cities offer to the stores, events, culture, food, and work environments really is a pretty big plus in the metro-living column. Sometimes we get so caught up in this wish for city life that we forget to consider the beauty of rural life.

If you’re thinking about making a move to the countryside, you may need to read a few of these reminders.

Traffic Is a Rarity

And by “rarity,” of course we mean non-issue. When was the last time you saw a traffic jam on some country road? Of course, you probably wouldn’t mind slowing down a little bit just so you can take in the scenery, so when you do end up behind a slow driver, you’ll simply revel instead of getting wound up.

Neighbors Are Neighborly

Where some might consider friendly neighbors nosy, the truth is that people in rural areas actually have the time to feel concern. When you pass those who live in your area, you’ll get a friendly wave and a smile. When was the last time you felt like someone was happy to see you? Well, in the country, that happens all day, every day.

Lower Cost of Living

Tired of turning over half your paycheck for parking in the city? What about paying a second mortgage just for that parking space at your condo? Everywhere you turn, things are just more expensive in the city. By moving to a rural area, you can significantly cut the amount you spend each year without giving up many of your comforts. In fact, if you still live close enough to the city, you can always enjoy the events and culture you’ve always loved.

More Room to Play

Wide-open spaces await you in the country. You can invest in several acres, build a homestead, and enjoy rolling hills, starry skies, and all those other things you just didn’t get while running the rat race in the city. With more land, you have room for a larger home, which gives you the space you need to really spread your wings.

If this all sounds amazing, then come discover the perks for yourself. Land in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia is all located close enough to metropolitan areas that you can continue enjoying cultural events or even commute in to work. But when you get home, you can stretch out several acres and really live the good life.