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Hurdle Land For Sale In Jasper County, GA

Barnes Mountain Farms

( 0 Available )
Jasper, GA
The land at Barnes Mountain Farms is located in Jasper County, GA right next to lovely Lake Jackson.  Named after the small rise just to the north, Barnes Mountain Farms sits right in between Interstates 75 and 20, just a little more than an hour east of Atlanta. Though, most of the time you will be busy improving your piece of America, the towns of McDonough,...
Hurdle land for Sale in Jasper County, Georgia

Bear Creek Farms

( 1 Available )
Jasper, GA
Don’t feed the bears, but do feed yourself from your very own garden or small farm at Bear Creek Farms.  These small land parcels are located very close to Jackson Lake on the northwestern edge of Jasper County, GA.  A beautiful location near the lake allows you easy access to a variety of water activities in a peaceful community.  Bear Creek is tucked away...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Polk County, Georgia

Cedartown Farms

( 4 Available )
Polk, GA
The available parcels at Cedartown Farms are all roughly 3 acres in size. They are conveniently located south of Cedartown in a country rural setting but still only 6 miles to Kroger and 7 miles to Home Depot and Walmart. Restaurants and other amenities are even closer!Some of these lots back up to the Silver Comet Trail making it extremely easy to take a nice walk or...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Putnam County, Georgia

Deep Lake Estates

( 0 Available )
Putnam, GA
This peaceful collection of agricultural land known as Deep Lake Estates is located in Putnam County.  The property can be reached off of Interstate 20 and is a little over an hour drive from Atlanta.  Properties may include a heavily wooded and open areas or a mix of both.  Mobile homes are welcome.  As with all of our properties, we offer affordable...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Jasper County, Georgia

Deep Lake Farms

( 0 Available )
Jasper, GA
This peaceful collection of agricultural land is located at the northeastern corner of Jasper County, in the village of Shady Dale, a few miles east of Monticello.  The property can be reached off of Interstate 20 and is a little over an hour drive from Atlanta.  Deep Lake Farms includes a development of over 180 farms, ranging in size anywhere from 5 to 80...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Butts County, Georgia

East Jackson Farms

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Butts, GA
You will find East Jackson Farms tucked into the southeastern corner of Butts County, GA a few miles north of Indian Springs State Park.  These plots are only a few minutes off Interstate 75 and a little more than an hours drive from Atlanta.  The 33 parcels of land vary in size, from 3 to 10 acres and are perfect for all types of farm living.  Each lot...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Carroll County, Georgia

Holly Creek Estates

( 0 Available )
Carroll, GA
Here you will find the perfect piece of land for those looking to get out of the city but still have easy access its conveniences.  Minutes from Interstate 20, next to the eastern edge of Carroll County, GA are the quaint plats of Holly Creek Estates.  A less rural setting than some of Hurdle’s many properties Holly Creek Estates is less than 30 minutes from the...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Jackson County, Georgia

Ivy Plantation

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Jackson, GA
The Ivy Plantation development is located just north of the University of Georgia in west Jackson County.  Right off state route 441 in the broad slopes of northern Georgia, these rural properties provide a great location to cultivate your own produce and become more self-sustaining.  Only a little more than an hour northeast of Atlanta, Ivy Plantation is offers...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Burke County, Georgia

Keysville Farms

( 2 Available )
Burke, GA
The key to owning your own piece of land to build upon and improve is right here in the northwestern corner of Burke County, GA. Keysville Farms has spaces available just south of the Savannah River, right off Highway 88 and conveniently close to the towns of Waynesboro and Aiken. Just a few minutes south of Augusta, these agricultural tracts of land vary in size from 5...
Hurdle Land for Sale near Atanta, Georgia

North Jasper Farms

( 0 Available )
Jasper, GA
This property is located about 50 miles from Atlanta and gives you the perfect small town feel. As one of our larger properties, at almost 6 acres a tract, this land gives you the chance to build your new homestead in rural and friendly community. The average monthly payment is $252.20 with our fixed interest rate of 7.9%. Welcome to your new home.Land for Sale near...
Hurdle Land for Sale Near Macon, GA

Oak Valley Farms

( 0 Available )
Jones, GA
Close to both Macon and Atlanta, GA this property exudes beauty. Surrounded by the rolling hills of prime Georgia countryside, you can’t ask for a better place to enjoy your private piece of America. Payments start out at $114.10. We welcome mobile homes, homesteaders, truckers, 'baby farm farmers', and everything in between. Don’t wait to claim your safe haven.Land for...
Tall Pine trees through the sunlight

O’Quinns Pond Farm

( 16 Available )
Baldwin, GA
A well managed lush pine forest is the best was to describe what makes up the beauty of O’Quinn’s Pond Farm. It is located in Milledgeville between O’Quinn’s Pond Road, Deepstep Road, and Highway 24, just one hundred yards off the Fall Line Freeway. Milledgeville, the county seat of Baldwin County, is about an hour and a half from Atlanta, Athens, and Augusta. Macon is...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Newton County, Georgia

Riverbrooke Plantation

( 0 Available )
Newton, GA
That special piece of land you are looking for is waiting for you in the southern tip of Newton County, GA. Riverbrooke Farms has a variety of rural properties located right off of Highway 212 only a few minutes drive south of Covington. For those times you need to get into the big city, Atlanta is just an hour to the west.  A few of these spaces back up against the...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Twiggs County, Georgia

Robin Wood Farms

( 0 Available )
Twiggs, GA
Only 7 miles southeast of Macon, GA in Twiggs County is Robinwoods Farms.  With easy access to Interstate 16, the towns of Macon and Warner Robins can be reached within minutes.  These peaceful parcels provide a great opportunity to grow your own food in a space that one can call their own.  Each farm is around 5 acres, some being a few acres more or less....
Hurdle Land for Sale in Crawford County, Georgia

Sarah Hill Estates

( 0 Available )
Crawford, GA
A short drive west of Macon, GA on the eastern edge of Crawford County lies the quaint community of Sara Hill Estates.  For those looking to own rural farm land in a convenient location that is also easy to manage this is the perfect spot.  Sara Hills Estates can be reached off of Highway 80 and Interstate 475.  All of the properties in Sara Hill Estates...
Hurdle Land for Sale near Macon, Georgia

South Macon Farms

( 0 Available )
Twiggs, GA
South Macon County is located next to Columbus, GA and close to I-75. This area is almost 4 acres so you get the perfect amount of space to grow your family and set your roots. With the low down payment of $295 and monthly payments averaging at $128.64 - this is a great opportunity to own land. This land provides a great place to relax and stay connected with its peaceful...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Barrow County, Georgia

Tanners Ridge Farms

( 0 Available )
Barrow, GA
Spanning the rolling hills of southern Barrow County, GA, just a few minutes outside of Winder is the quiet rural retreat of Tanners Ridge Farms.  Nestled just outside the community of Bethlehem, GA these land tracts are right off State Route 81 and only an hour outside of Atlanta.   The farms are a mix of wooded and open areas, ranging in size.  Some...
Hurdle Land for Sale near Atanta, Georgia

Trotters Ridge Farms

( 0 Available )
Jackson, GA
Located close enough to Atlanta these properties are close enough for those who are looking for the urban feel with down home rural ideals. With tracts of land average a little over 1 acre it’s the perfect size to lay down some roots where one can easily relax in the mix of forested and open meadows scenery. Monthly payments average out to $179.52 - an amazing price to...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Meriwether County, Georgia

Turkey Creek Farms

( 0 Available )
Meriwether, GA
Turkey Creek Farms is a great location to establish permanent residence and enjoy some of the more simple pleasures nature provides.  Located in the northwestern corner of Meriwether County, GA, Turkey Creek Farms has 34 medium to small sized rural properties. The largest space is a little over 10 acres while there are several parcels platted at 3 acres.  With...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Henry County, Georgia

Tussahaw Farms

( 0 Available )
Henry, GA
Just off Interstate 75 in the southern section of Henry County, GA are the beautiful stretches of Tussahaw Farms. The pleasant parcels of land here sit right in the middle of the town centers of McDonough, Locust Grove and Jackson.  Tussahaw Farms is also only about an hours drive south of Atlanta. Properties vary in size anywhere between 6 and 30 acres.  Some...
Hurdle Land for Sale in Burke County, Georgia

West Augusta Farms

( 0 Available )
Burke, GA
Guest will never be at a loss to find your property because conveniently enough, West Augusta Farms is located just southwest of Augusta, GA. This rural farm land is in the northeastern corner of Burke County, GA, directly south of Fort Gordon. Under 10 minutes to State Route 1, West Augusta Farms is a more than an accommodating location to own property. These are mostly...