For the month of June, Hurdle Land and Realty is offering their customers the option to either choose a fixed interest rate of 6.9% or a $2,500 discount of the total purchase price of any of their... Read More
Hurdle Spring Thaw- Plan Left
  The Power is given to the People! Hurdle Land and Realty is giving their customers the power to choose between a fixed interest rate of 6.9% or a $2,500 discount from the total purchase price of... Read More
Remember the good ole days of rural America, when there wasn’t a Starbucks on every corner, and you had to ride your bike to your friend’s house down the street because your next door neighbor was at... Read More
Hurdle Spring Special
  Hurdle Land and Realty is giving the power to their customers! For the month of April, Hurdle is letting the customer decide which deal they want; $2,500 off the sticker price OR a 6.9% fixed... Read More
  With warmer weather starting to push the Polar Vortex out to sea, the opportunity for outdoor activities is right outside your front door. Living and owning land in rural communities offers you the... Read More
  Are you looking to move somewhere quieter? Do you want to look up and see the stars every night? Is your home getting drowned by ambulance alarms, revving vehicles, and bright lights? Jasper County... Read More
Hurdle Land & Realty is offering all their land in Jasper County at the fixed interest rate of 5.9 percent. That’s a 2 percent decrease from their usual offering of 7.9 percent. Jasper County... Read More