swimming in tennessee
Summer is in full swing in Tennessee and the best way to cool off is by jumping feet first into the cool water of a river, lake, or pond. While a swimming pool is also a great way to stay cool this... Read More
rural living DIY projects
Rural living brings to mind lots of time for DIY projects. If you haven’t heard of the DIY movement yet, it’s time for a crash course. Simply, DIY stands for “do it yourself.” It is a modern and... Read More
everyday kindness
Here in the South, we have a reputation for good manners. This comes from years of performing simple acts of kindness that haven’t gone unnoticed. Being someone’s hero, even if for a few moments,... Read More
land deal for July
As we celebrate our independence for yet another year, Hurdle Land & Realty, the south’s premier real estate development company, offers a discount on any farms in Tennessee, Georgia, and South... Read More
ease of buying land
The thought of buying land can be scary and overwhelming. After all, the purchase of land, no matter where that land is located, is a pretty big investment. Purchasing real estate of any kind brings... Read More
iced tea recipes
What is summer in the south without a glass of iced tea? If you’re tired of the same old thing, you may want to try one of these recipes. You’ll be refreshed in no time! Sweet Lime Iced Tea Lemon... Read More
beat summer heat
When you live in the southeast, there is no escaping the heat and humidity of summer. What you can do is find a few moments of bliss here and there. That’s the only way you’ll beat it. So, what can... Read More