Land for Sale in Newton County, Georgia is $5,000 Off

Hurdle August Deal- Plan Left
Are you looking to move to Georgia? Hurdle Land and Realty is offering you a land deal for all properties located in Riverbrooke Plantation, $5,000 off any lot of your choice. 
Tracts range in size from 2-20 acres, and are perfect for building your own home, raising livestock, planting a garden, and growing a family. Riverbrooke is at the southern tip of Newton county, right off of Highway 212 and a few minutes from Covington. Atlanta is only an hour west, for those that feel the itch of the bigger cities from time to time. 
Riverbrooke Plantation’s lots are a mix of open and wooded areas. Some of their lots front the Yellow River!
Hurdle offers you a fixed interest rate of 7.9%, and a down payment of $295.This offer only lasts until August 31, so acting fast is key. We strive to provide you with great customer service, and everyone is approved as we do not check credit. Give us a call to start building your family a home.