Ideas for Improving Your Land This New Year

Ideas for Improving Your Land This New Year

We recently discussed the different ways you could improve your life in the coming year by setting New Year’s Resolutions like quitting smoking or trading the city life in for the rural life. Buying land for sale around Polk County, GA is a lot easier than you think, especially with owner financing. Now, whether you’re new to rural living or have called the countryside your home for many generations, there are always ways to make your land better. And what better motivator than a brand new year?

The promise of a new year brings the desire to make improvements that can better our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Since our home is where we spend most of our time, that would be the obvious place to start. Here are a few ideas to inspire your own home and land improvements over the coming months.

Improve Security

A man’s home is his castle and as such it should be adequately protected. This is where you and your loved ones are supposed to feel safe. We’re not suggesting you dig a moat, of course, but it would be wise to research and implement a good security system for your property and your home.

Watching your property 24/7 is impossible with work and school and everything in between, so a good surveillance camera system with the ability to check it via the internet or smartphone is the next best thing. Install a locking gate to your driveway with an access control system so you know who’s coming and going at all times. Add in a few motion activated lights and alarms throughout, and you and your family are sure to rest easy every night.

Improve the Landscaping and Grounds

Taming the wilds of the rural countryside to make it habitable doesn’t mean destroying it completely. There are forests and streams and mountains that are so much better left alone, but they can be enhanced simply by taking good care of them. Learn how to promote the growth of your trees and how to improve the wildlife habitat and take care of any insect or parasite damage immediately. Not only will it look better, it can also increase the value of your land.

One of the best parts of rural living is the fresh clean air we get to enjoy on a daily basis. Why wouldn’t you want to give your family a comfortable way to enjoy it? Build a deck off of your house and add in a pond or natural pool and you’ve also provided additional entertainment for the whole family.

Improve the Number of Deer

There’s something to be said about watching a family of deer walking majestically through the woods in the early light of day. Whether you just want them there to observe from a distance or if they’re to be a form of sustenance for your family’s dinner table, there are ways to improve your land to encourage a healthy presence of deer. With cooperation from other surrounding land owners, limiting hunting pressure to prevent them from taking off, and providing the cover, food, and water they need, your land’s deer presence can flourish.

Improving your land can only bring benefits, and the coming year is a great time to start. Make 2019 the year you bring the best out of your rural living space and enjoy the results for years to come.