Hurdle Land & Realty Now Offering Lowered Interest Rates on All Properties

Hurdle Land & Realty has cut back interest rates for their entire listing of properties.  Interest gained on properties has been lowered a whole three percent, from 10.9% to 7.9%. This cut will equal lower monthly payments and represents huge savings for new potential Hurdle customers.  Lowering interest rates on each property provides customers with the ability to invest more in their property making them highly productive with added improvements.  This new change in billing is just one of the many ways Hurdle displays their dedication to making the possibility of owning your own land more of a reality.

Hurdle Land & Realty understands a growing need to offer land at lower costs especially in the current economic climate.  When you have control over your own property, which allows you to make improvements to the land you become more self sufficient and help contribute to the overall economy.  In the same fashion as a government stimulus package, Hurdle hopes the lowered interest rates will provide customers with more resources to making properties highly productive.  Every Hurdle property is located in a rural area, the land designated for small farming.  Properties range anywhere in size from half and acre to 40 acres.  Less money spent on property payments should lead to growth in other areas such as higher crop yields and healthier livestock.  Hurdle believes if customers are better able to make the property a valuable resource for themselves those benefits will be passed onto others.

As part of creating a productive partnership with customers and making it easier to own property Hurdle does not add on any penalties for prepayment or early payoffs.  They also do not charge excessive processing and documentation fees like you see at your average bank or mortgage company.  Hurdle hopes this customer friendly financing package will allow farmers to gain an income from their land while making positive impacts on their local community.

For more information on Hurdle Land & Realty properties feel free to drop them a line at 800-762-4851 or send an email to landinfo(at)hurdle(dot)com.