Hurdle Land & Realty Announces New Website Design

The Hurdle Land & Realty website has recently received a facelift; however a closer examination will reveal that these changes go further than just skin deep.  The new website has been redesigned to allow for better navigation and also includes an assortment of new tools and resources.  As Hurdle began to add more properties to their profile they felt that the old website was in need of some serious renovations.  With the new website, Hurdle Land & Realty has begun a transition into a more modern look that incorporates tools to offering a better overall functionality and improved customer interaction.

The biggest change to the website is the new and improved Locations tool.  Now visitors can find properties with a few simple clicks as opposed to navigating through irrelevant information or having to search for the right data from a cluttered list.  Each property is organized by state and county.  With an easy to use drop down menu visitors can jump directly to any Hurdle property by state and then drill down even further to locate the correct county.  Each property listing is accompanied by a gallery of high resolution images.  These images will let visitors take a virtual tour of each development listed on the website and also get vital information on pricing, acreage and financing all from the comfort of their own homes.  If one needs to print information on any of the properties, PDF files containing all of the above mentioned details, including plats and directions to each location are readily available for download directly from the property listing.

Other changes to the website include a News section where visitors can read the latest in land and realty news from Hurdle as well as gain access to special financing deals and discounts.  For current and potential customers Hurdle Land & Realty has also included an extensive section for Frequently Asked Questions.  If website users cannot find the information they are looking for online, they can fill out a contact form and a Hurdle representative will be in touch shortly to address any customer questions, comments or suggestions.

Hurdle Land & Realty is more than excited about their upgraded online home and look forward to offering bigger and better deals on rural land for those in and around the Southeastern regions of the U.S.  Please feel free to drop us a line with your questions and comments at 1-800-762-4851 or send an email to landinfo(at)hurdle(dot)com.