The Hunt for Culture in Rural Areas

culture in rural areas

The move from city to countryside can be quite a shock, especially if you’ve been accustomed to art crawls, concerts, and cocktail parties. The decision to slow down a bit and just enjoy life definitely fits a move to rural areas, but how can you still indulge in some of the cultural delights you found in the city? If you know where to look, you’ll find plenty of activities, especially during this time of year.

Craft Fairs

While you may not get a chance to see a Monet up close, a country craft fair is a great way to see some serious artistic talent. Whether seeking out charming home décor or just enjoying wood sculpture and stained glass pieces, you’ll find more talent than you ever thought possible.

You can also enjoy some good eats while wandering rural craft fairs. Hot apple cider, craft hot chocolate, pies, cakes—not all art is on canvas, and the homemade goods in the country prove that.

School Concerts

Believe it or not, rural areas often have a rich musical culture. Grandparents pass down their love for music to their kids and grandkids. The result is often a concert band or choir at the local high school that will knock your socks off. Sure, they’re not the New York Philharmonic, but they might very well be the future of some of the top orchestras and choirs in the nation.

Many rural music programs also struggle with funding. You could find a real purpose in rural areas by helping to support and grow your local high school arts programs.

Barn Dances

Clogging and square dancing were two of the first forms of dance in the southern United States. To attend a barn dance or square dance session, you not only get to enjoy a night of serious fun, but you also learn a huge piece of our cultural history.

You might be surprised how often you have a chance to attend any of these cultural events in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. When you purchase rural land, whether for investment or to build your own homestead, take some time to look around and learn about the entertainment options nearby. You’ll only fall even further in love with country living.