How to Have a Super Bowl (or College Championship) Blowout in the Countr

How to Have a Super Bowl (or College Football Championship) Blowout in the Country

In some areas of our country, nothing is bigger in the late fall/early winter than football. Country life lends itself to outdoor play, and so many children who grow up in rural areas spend their time in those wide-open spaces chasing the pigskin (and each other). And some kids never grow up, still chasing that pigskin as they get older. Only then, they might be chasing it on TV.

Whether your football favorite is college or pro, your big championship events will be starting soon, so if you are planning to celebrate by watching with friends and family, you need to start planning now to make your party one to remember.

1. Plan Early

Especially if this is your first year having a party, you need to get word out early. Many of your friends might already have plans. You may need to ask around to see where the regular parties are. Check with those people and maybe coordinate. If one has a College Championship party, maybe you can have the Super Bowl party. Ask early—some Bowl Games are as early as December!

2. Make Sure You have Seating

If you’re the one with the 56” TV, there’s a reason the party is at your house. But the TV isn’t the only furniture to consider. Even with a big TV, people are going to want to be comfortable where they sit. Make sure there are plenty of viewing options and groupings. Also make sure there are clear walkways to the food and bathroom. You can’t have someone standing up and obstructing the view.

3. Get the Right Food

Let’s be honest. The best game day parties are almost as much about the food as about the game. People are going to want to come to your place for the country-fresh menu. Think of ways you can incorporate staples from your garden—tomatoes and corn for salsa, veggies for dips, etc. Also consider getting those who are not as into the game involved in the food prep. There are some fantastic ideas circulating on Pinterest for football-themed goodies. And someone you know is dying to make them!

4. Have a Half-Time Plan

One of the best parts about having a party in the country is that you’ve got the space for some outdoor activity of your own. Make sure you’ve got a football for the game everyone’s itching to play. A timer would be helpful too, so you make sure you are back in time for the second half.

5. Think About Post-Game

Keep an eye on the alcohol that’s being consumed and by whom. Some people drink more than others. If you know someone will be driving home, you may want to cut their drinks off early. And either keep a bedroom available or a car full of gas in case any of your guests aren’t suitable to drive home themselves.

Even when the major holidays have finished and the presents are all put away, celebrations don’t have to end! Something needs to get us through the winter. Keep the parties going by celebrating with all that space you have on your farm. Want to know how to find land for sale to play your own games? Check out and find your farm today!