How to Beat the Winter Blues in Tennessee

How to Beat the Winter Blues in Tennessee

Now that the holidays have passed, it can be hard for some people to move on and find something new to look forward to. Whether they suffer from the more severe condition of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or just a touch of the blues, don’t think that nothing can be done for these folks. Especially when you have owner financed land in Tennessee, there are plenty of ways to help lift the spirits of the sad this winter.

1. Eat Right

Eating healthy foods, such as homegrown fruits and vegetables from your new garden, can help balance your mood. On the other hand, eating too many highly processed foods or foods high in refined sugar can contribute to depression, in addition to many other health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or obesity – which could also negatively affect temperament.

2. Get Out and Move

Staying stationary is a sure fire recipe for feeling down. However, if you can find a way to keep moving, for at least a half hour a day, studies have shown that you have a reduced risk of depression. Lucky for you, there are plenty of ways to keep active in Tennessee. Try going for a hike on the Cumberland Trail, taking pictures on a beautiful trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains, or skiing at Ober Gatlinburg. No matter how you like to move, you’re bound to find something to do to keep the blues at bay.

3. Be in the Light

While getting your daily dose of vitamin D from a little time in the sun is a great mood booster, any kind of light can help lift your spirits. Because winter comes with the shortest amount of daylight, it’s important to make sure you keep lights on when the sun goes down as well.

4. Pet Your Pets

Isn’t this the reason you got your pets? For love and companionship? What staves of the blues more than puppy kisses? Just the very act of stroking their fur can ease anxiety and lower blood pressure. With your spacious new property, you’ll have plenty of room to let Rover run, or space to put a barn to keep your horses safe and warm, making them just as happy to be with you. That’s another excuse to get you outside and moving too. It’s a partnership made in heaven.

5. Find Your Friends

You may know that spending too much time by yourself can lead to a feeling of loneliness, but make sure you don’t fight that feeling by hanging out with just anybody. Toxic relationships and negative people aren’t going to lead to a healthy mood. Instead, take time to be with those who genuinely care about you. You will be doing each other a favor by sharing positive energy.

6. Laugh

Go ahead and watch that comedy on TV or scroll through some funny memes. The act of laughing releases tension and helps you feel more relaxed. It’s a great way to give yourself a break from anything that has been causing you stress. And it’s something to do when you’re spending time with your friends or pets!

Now you have plenty of ideas to help those whose mood is affected by the season, you may be realizing it would be easier with your own land in the great state of Tennessee. Did you know getting that land is a lot easier than you thought? Contact us at Hurdle to find out how!