Hosting a March Madness Party in the Country

Hosting a March Madness Party in the Country

By March, everyone is sick of being pent up at home for the winter and ready to get out and be social. Bring them over to your new country home and have some fun watching hoops. Here are some things to remember.

1. Décor

The most important part of the tourney is the bracket. So, somewhere in your home, you are going to need to have a giant whiteboard, chalkboard, or poster that has the bracket. Add the teams, and depending of the point in the tournament, move the teams along. And of course, you will have to have basketballs or some kind of basketball decorations. (Paper plates, paper napkins, etc., are all readily available, and sometimes discounted at this time of year.) Then of course, if you have a team in the running, you need to show support. Tee shirts can be worn or displayed. Banners, colored streamers, or just team colors around the living room will be sure to spark healthy conversation among the guests.

2. Food

The most important part of the party is the food. Start with the staples—chips, pretzels, pizza, wings, and so on. Don’t forget an assortment of beverages. After that’s taken care of, there are other options to explore. First, you have the possibility of asking guests to bring snacks as well. If you choose this road, be prepared for the possibility of having 20 bags of the same kind of chips. Though, you could also luck out with friends who know how to cook and were waiting for the opportunity to bake a basketball-themed cake. Your other option is to take care of the extras yourself. Either call out for catering, or perhaps check Pinterest for special treats like rice crispy treats or cookies shaped like basketballs.

3. Activities

Of course, the most important part of the night is the game. If you haven’t—and it may sound obvious—make sure your TV gets the channel that gets the game you plan to watch. It would be quite embarrassing for everyone to gather around the TV with nothing to watch. Other than that, check the room for comfortable seating – enough for each guest. While some folks might get up for food, most of the time, everyone will want to watch the game. Halftime activities are not a must but could make for a lot of fun. If you have a net outside, take those interested out for a short game. You could even have a makeshift game in house. Use a toy net and inflatable ball or balloons (orange, of course.) Almost anything can be made into a hoops contest. Bouncy balls in cups, trash in the trash can. Let your imagination run wild!

4. Safety

The one thing you need to make sure of when the game is over is that your guests didn’t have too good of a time. If there was drinking involved, it is your responsibility as the host to see that everyone can get home safely. Don’t trust the word of a friend who said he’s only had a few beers and should be fine to drive. If any of your friends is impaired without a designated driver, make sure they get a ride or offer them your place to stay the night.

Having a new home in the country is a great excuse to have everyone come to your place to watch a game. If you are still waiting to make the leap and get that ideal piece of land to build your country home, now would be the perfect time. Check out today.