Homesteading: 3 Tips for Getting Started


If you’ve got your heart set on becoming a homesteader, you probably need some advice on where to start.

Homesteading has tons of benefits: you’ll become self-sufficient, raise your kids (if you have them) in the heart of nature, and develop an understanding for the majesty of the Earth.

You’ll also have to do a lot of hard work in preparing your homestead for sufficiency and production.

Here are some important tips for getting started.

Find the Perfect Piece of Land

Before you can become a homesteader, you have to have a piece of land on which to build that homestead.

Finding land is easy if you know how many acres you want and where you want to buy.

Consider the right size for your garden, how much space you want between your house and your outbuildings, and whether or not you want space for animals.

For instance, if you want space for raising cattle, each animal requires a certain amount of square feet to himself. You’ll also need a building for sheltering your animals in case of inclement weather.

Fully-grown cows and bulls require more space than smaller livestock, so determine the types of animals you’d like to raise before settling on acreage for your homestead.

It’s also important to research requirements for keeping and raising animals in your particular state.

Finding land that meets your needs and your budget is undoubtedly step 1 of the homesteading process.

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Prepare Your Soil

If you’re passionate about starting a garden on your property, there are a few steps you can take to prepare your soil for planting.

You can begin the preparation process by getting your soil tested. Amazon, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware are just a few places you can pick up a soil testing kit.

After you’ve tested your soil, you can begin to prepare the soil according to your gardening plans.

Remove rocks, weeds and other debris from the spot you’ve chosen for your garden and turn the soil 8” deep. After you've turned the soil, add the compost recommended for your soil type.

After the soil warms, you can get started planting!

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Yet

For many homesteaders, quitting their desk jobs to live off the land is the ultimate dream.

But you can’t rely on your homestead to produce everything you need right off the bat.

You have to cultivate your garden, acquire livestock (if that’s your plan) and learn the methods for harvesting, preparing and storing your food.

This takes time, experience and—yes—failure.

If you go into the homesteading process with significant debts, it’s not a good idea to quit your job before you get started producing your own food and supplies.

Doing so could put you into significant financial trouble.

Find Your Dream Land Today

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