Holiday Special: All Land is $2,500 Off

Hurdle Land and Realty is giving the gift of land for the holidays. For the month of December, Hurdle is offering a $2,500 discount off of all available land. With land becoming less and less available, this is Hurdle’s way of ensuring everyone has an opportunity to own their own piece of American soil.  Hurdle Land and Realty has available land in TennesseeGeorgia, and South Carolina - all of which are ready for new ownership today.
Hurdle’s plots of land range in size starting at one acre and going up. It’s perfect for laying roots down for your family or building that farm you’ve always wanted. Most properties are located a short distance from major interstates which makes less challenge time to the major city near any property line. With Hurdle land you’re able to enjoy the benefits of rural living while still getting to be a part of urban culture. 
Hurdle’s goal is to give everyone a piece of the American dream, and with their locations offering a private setting with beautiful views of rolling countryside and undisturbed wilderness, Hurdle is giving you the best pieces of America. 
All land has a 7.9% fixed interest rate, and with a low down payment of $295 you can call one of these locations your own. Contact Hurdle before the end of December to take advantage of this opportunity.