Give Thanks! 5.9% Interest for Huck Finn Farms in Aiken County, SC


november land deal

Here’s a deal you can really be thankful for. One of the top real estate developers in the southeast, Hurdle Land and Realty, will offer a 5.9% interest rate for any land purchased in Huck Finn Farms in Aiken, South Carolina. The special interest rate is only available during the month of November and cannot be applied to any other Hurdle properties.

The 5.9% interest rate for Huck Finn Farms makes buying land easier than ever. Hurdle Land and Realty believes in the American Dream, so buyers never need to submit to a credit check. With your $295 down payment, you can start making property improvements immediately. Whether you’re retiring, looking for a second chance to own land after a financial disaster, or just want to invest in property for a more secure future, this special interest rate makes your dream a reality.

Buyers in Huck Finn Farms can place a mobile home or develop the land into a homestead for their families. Aiken County is located between Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC. In addition to a great deal on your land, you’ll also have the convenience of both cities just outside your door.

While this November special is only available in Aiken County, South Carolina, Hurdle Land and Realty still has farms available in Tennessee and Georgia. All land is near major highways and interstates, so commuting is easy. You could have your own farm in South Carolina before Thanksgiving. Be sure to apply before November ends so you can take advantage of the 5.9% interest rate!