Get Back to Nature: Hurdle Land and Realty Announces Discounts on Farmland South of Atlanta

The southeast farmland realty professionals at Hurdle Land and Realty are now offering people an easy way to leave the stresses of the big city behind for a more serene setting.  The rural land real estate company has recently announced special discounting on farms in Butts County, Ga., located only a few miles south of Atlanta.

For more than 40 years Hurdle Land and Realty has been helping foster farming communities in the southeast regions of the United States.  This family owned company believes that everyone has the right to own land and claim a piece of nature for themselves.  To help more people obtain that goal they have announced a limited-time discounts on farms purchased in their East Jackson Farms community.  Hurdle Land and Realty has announced a special discount of $2,500 off on any East Jackson farm purchased before the end of April.

To receive the discount a signed contract and a full down payment must be received by Hurdle Land and Realty by the last day of April. In addition to discounted pricing Hurdle also offers low fixed interest rate of 7.9% on all properties as part of their fair financing options.  All land purchases are done through a promissory note making the process simple and less time consuming.

“We are constantly looking for ways we can help people take the first steps to purchasing a piece of land and making it their own,” stated Geoff Hurdle of Hurdle Land and Realty.  “Farming is an important part of our economy and we do all we can to support the small family farmer as a way to help rural communities grow.  We are always looking for areas where we can make an impact and offer special deals that make owning farm land more affordable.”

Hurdle also added that the East Jackson Farm is a great location for those looking to escape the added stress of city life without being too far away from city conveniences.  East Jackson Farms is located in Butts County, Ga., less than an hour drive south of Atlanta, one of the region’s largest urban areas.

For more information about East Jackson Farms, including a full list of available properties contact Hurdle Land and Realty at 800-762-4851.  Hurdle also has affordable rural and agricultural properties available in three other states across the Southeast United States: TennesseeSouth Carolina and Alabama. Each property is completely undeveloped; any and all changes to the property are up to the owner.