DIY Outdoor Wedding Ideas

When the weather is warm, it is the perfect time for outdoor weddings. However, getting someone to do all the small, minor details can get expensive. Are you looking to DIY some items for your wedding? Check out these great ideas to make your wedding even more special and unique!

Paper Cup Wreath

This craft is simple and easy to do! Slide paper cups inside of each other and secure with hot glue! Add a ribbon to hang it from in your wedding colors!

Pinecone Favors/Decor

These also double as fire starters! Make a double boiler with the bottom saucepan holding a few inches of water and melt beeswax in a tin, pot, or another saucepan. Wrap a candlewick around each pinecone, leaving a few inches of wick at the top. When the wax is melted, dip each pinecone in the wax. Pull out the pinecones and let them dry. Repeat dipping and let dry until you have a good covering of wax on each pinecone. Then, personalize them with a tag with the couple’s names or put them in small brown bags and attach a label.

Easy Bottle Garland

Grab some bottles and silver beading wire. Make a loop at the start of your wire for hanging. Wrap wire around the neck of each bottle 3 to 4 times, making sure to leave a few inches between each bottle. Make another loop at the end to hang on the other side. Add flowers, sand, pebbles, or anything else that goes along with your theme to the bottles. Once they’re hung up, you have a unique wedding garland! 

Hanging Flower Pendants 

For this craft, you will need some Styrofoam balls, twine, and artificial flowers. Start by wrapping a couple of yards of twine around the Styrofoam ball 2-3 times and tie to secure. Push the stem of one flower through the string into the foam to hold the string in place. Cover the entire ball by pushing the remaining flowers into the foam ball. Then, hang them up where you want to place them! 

Backyard Wedding Photo Display

Get a volleyball net and grab some photos and clothespins. Put up your favorite pictures of the couple, friends, and family. Have extra clothespins handy and encourage guests to bring their favorite pictures to add as well! 

Simple Outdoor Photo Booth 

Use old picture frames for a unique photo booth! You’ll need old picture frames, burlap or canvas cloth, and decor as desired.  Tie burlap or canvas cloth with bunting between trees or stands. Hang your picture frames or leave them down for guests to hold, and your photo booth is ready to go!

Twine Lanterns 

If you need some light, think about making these twine lanterns. You will need the following: balloons blown up to whatever size ball or lantern you are making, large plastic drop cloth, scissors, twine, hemp, or cotton yarn, basic white glue, cornstarch, warm water, petroleum jelly, clear, fast-drying spray paint, and lantern light or white twinkle lights. Blow up your balloons, lay a plastic drop cloth over your work surface, and set up somewhere your balloons can be suspended to dry. Mix glue, cornstarch, and warm water in a large container until lumps are gone, cover each balloon in petroleum jelly, and feed the twine through the glue mixture until coated. Wrap twine around balloons vertically until comfortably tight, and then horizontally. Use twine to suspend the balloon to dry. Allow them to dry for 24 hours, pop the balloons, and then spray balls with the clear, fast-drying spray paint. Once dry, insert the lights, and you’ll have some beautiful twine lanterns ready for use! 

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