Cooking for Thanksgiving with Your Homegrown Harvest



You’ve finally purchased that rural land in Georgia you’ve always wanted. Now your personal little farm is ready to sprout a harvest to show for your hard work. And it seems you are just in time for Thanksgiving. What’s a better way to give thanks than with the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor? This year, make this Thanksgiving a special one with some of these delicious dishes to share with your loved ones.



Everyone has a favorite stuffing recipe. Have you found yours yet? Though this bread-based side dish seems pretty standard, there are nearly an infinite number of ways to make it your own. If you haven’t thought of adding nuts to your stuffing, and you were wondering what to do with the chestnuts from your arbor, now you know. Homegrown apples also make an easy way to sweeten up your plate. And, yes, stuffing with added acorn squash is hard to beat. Try one of these recipes, or come up with your own new blend.



Sometimes, vegetables need the spotlight all to themselves. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spice up the dish a little to make their flavor shine! Consider trying your veggies roasted with herbs. Sautee your carrots with butter and dill, add pumpkin seeds and radicchio to your squash, or even mash whatever you have on hand with celery and parsnip. Maybe you have a vegetarian in your family (or many of them!) Consider a vegetable main course for these folks without needing to apologize.



Oh, the many ways to prepare corn! You can’t miss out on this Thanksgiving tradition since it is so steeped in the history of the Native Americans teaching the Pilgrims how to grow it. But how should you partake this year? Cornbread is a favorite with which you can’t go wrong. But how about something new like a corn casserole? Or, keep the cob idea in the mix with some corn ribs – easy to do in the air-fryer. Special spices can make any dish more festive and possibly even tug at the heritage you want to honor. With so many options, there are limitless possibilities for your Thanksgiving corn dishes.



You just can’t have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie. Can you just imagine how incredible your first pumpkin pie will be when you use pumpkins straight from your own garden? Try a recipe like this and watch your guests as they savor their delight. Maybe your family is partial to apple pie. You’ll have no trouble whipping up a pie to satisfy those taste buds as well with a recipe like this one.


Thanksgiving is a special time, but it is even more special when you can provide the homegrown love and produce for the table from your own backyard. If you are still waiting to purchase your homestead in Georgia from Hurdle, do it today and give thanks for that this year. Remember all you have to give thanks for this year, and you enjoy it with those around you.