All Available Properties in Georgia are $2,500 off! Don't Wait - Call Us today!

All Available Land in Georgia is $2,500 off - An early ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to all our soon to be new clients! With the rise in available land starting to taper off, this southeast real estate company is ready to play ball. All Hurdle Land & Realty available properties in Georgia are $2,500 off for the month of February. With land in multiple counties spanning Georgia, Hurdle has lots of land to choose from that range in tract sizes that can fit your need and budget. Just look at some of our available properties and ask yourself - are you ready to own your land? Are you scared a credit check will mean you never own your own piece of Georgia. Maybe you just want a quiet piece of land to call your own. Hurdle makes your needs a priority and will walk you through the process of becoming a landowner turning your landowner dreams into realities. Hurdle places an emphasis on helping you achieve the American dream of owning your own land. A proven history of down to earth and family orientated group, Hurdle Land & Realty will help you to your own land. Not only with this special offer of $2,500 off in Georgia, but with fixed interest rates, a low down payment, and Hurdle will even self-finance for you so there isn’t a need for a middle man or bank. This discount won’t last forever. Do you want to stop hoping for land and start owning it? Give us a call TODAY! $2,500 discount is only available for new customers who purchase land in Georgia before February 28th of 2014. Not all prices listed reflect sales price. Hurdle Land and Realty maintains the right to end this special without prior notification.