8 Country Crafts to Dress the Thanksgiving Table

Blog headline over a homemade mason jar lamp filled with pinecones and fairy lights.

Nothing makes you appreciate a country décor more than Thanksgiving. And what a great time to display those homemade crafts—when the whole family is over to see them. So when you are planning your meal, make sure you leave enough room on the table for your other beautiful creations.

For Your Centerpiece:

You can make a centerpiece out of just about anything in your yard, if you do it right. Try one of these:

1. Mason Jars
Mason jars are your friend when you are going for a country look in your dining room. Not only do they bring a country look of their own, they can be filled with anything relating to the season. Try a mix of acorns and dry corn. Tie a strand from a corn husk around it to dress it up or place a long beeswax candle inside. Two or three of these of varied sizes can complete any country table.

2. Pumpkins
Not every pumpkin you grow is suitable for a pie, especially the smaller ones. They will dress your table beautifully, either painted or in their natural colors. You can even add a few of your other bumper crops for more volume.

3. Candlesticks
The most natural—and probably the easiest—way to make your own country candlesticks is to go out to your apple tree and pick some fruit. Make sure the apples you choose sit flat. Then cut a candle-sized hole at least halfway down the top of each.

4. Cornucopia
Every grade school child knows that nothing represents the first Thanksgiving more than a cornucopia. Fill one of these horn-shaped baskets with anything you can find. Start with some of your larger fruits and vegetables, followed by the smaller ones. Pop in a few acorns and some lovely colored leaves, and you’ll have a stunning centerpiece.

For Your Table Settings:

Your table is not complete until you have completed each place setting with a special touch. Keep it country with these ideas:

5. Rocks
Paint a rock with something you are thankful for and place one at each place setting. You can also use them as a place setting with your guests’ names.

6. Yard Collections
After you pick up the debris from your yard, pick through it to see what you might have to use. You know when you see that perfect fall leaf, and you are so proud of it? Don’t let it go to waste! Put it under a pine cone at each setting. Whatever you have enough of, use it.

7. Leaves
What a waste it would be to let the most beautiful part of autumn pass by without noticing. Bring in a few of the most striking leaves you find or your property and scatter over your table. Or be simplistic—place a single leaf at each place setting.

8. Corn Husks
Once your corn has been shucked, keep those husks! Shred to them to equal-sized strings and tie them around your napkins for a simple, folksy look.

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