8 Benefits of Living in the Countryside

8 Benefits of Living in the Countryside

By Hurdle Land & Realty


It seems like we only ever hear about big cities in the movies, on social media, and in the news. Cities have a lot to offer: vibrant culture, good food, live music, exciting sports, and endless things to do. But behind all that glitz and glamor, cities are becoming more polluted, unsafe, and unkind every day. And it may come as a surprise to you to learn that the countryside has everything we just listed cities have, but in their own way. From welcoming rural communities to delicious homegrown food to a million outdoor activities, here are eight benefits of living in the beautiful countryside. 

Lower Cost of Living

Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and not even being able to enjoy the perks of the city? What about paying a second mortgage just for that parking space at your condo? Everywhere you turn, things are just more expensive in the city. By moving to a rural area, you can significantly cut the amount you spend each year without giving up many of your comforts.

One study discovered that housing in the Pennsylvania countryside is about 12.7% less expensive than in the city. In many cases, groceries can be cheaper, too, as many local farmers will sell fresh produce for amazing prices. But we’ll get more into that later. 

More Space

Wide-open spaces await you in the countryside. You can invest in several acres, build a homestead, and enjoy rolling hills, starry skies, and all those other things you didn’t get in the city. With more land, you have room for a larger home, which gives you the space you need to spread your wings.

You’ll also have the yard space to set up a farm. From pastures to gardens to barns, you’ll have plenty of room to build the home of your dreams. This is in stark contrast to a city apartment, where you’re lucky if you can get basil to grow on your windowsill. 

Increased Safety

Studies show that crime rates are much higher in cities than in the countryside. This makes sense because city populations are much higher, and there are more people committing crimes. There is also greater economic equality in cities, leading to an increase in crime. Moving to the countryside will keep you and your family feeling much safer, so you can enjoy the simple life without looking over your shoulder. 

Better Health 

Pollution is a big problem in cities. Studies show that rural air is cleaner, allowing you and your family to experience better lung and heart health. According to the Nature journal, cities experience more mental health issues than the countryside. This means that living in the country can make you physically and mentally healthier. 

Genuine Community (But Also More Privacy)

Some might consider friendly neighbors nosy, but the truth is that people in rural areas have the time and energy to pour into their neighbors. You’ll get a friendly wave and a smile when you pass those in your area. People that live in the country are just more genuine. 

But if you’re introverted and like to stay to yourself, you can. Longer distances between houses mean reaching out and making friends can be on your terms. Plus, you won’t get any noise complaints!

Less City Drama

When was the last time you saw a traffic jam on some country road? Of course, you probably wouldn’t mind slowing down a little bit just so you can take in the scenery, so when you do end up behind a slow driver, you’ll revel instead of getting wound up. You’ll also enjoy the lack of police sirens and honking horns outside your window every day. Noise pollution is real, but not here in the countryside. 

Fresh Food

You may not have three stores within five minutes of your home, but you’ll certainly have access to fresher foods in the countryside. In fact, many cities are dealing with the issue of food deserts, which are low-income areas with no supply of healthy produce. But in the country, you have local farms and homegrown food everywhere. You can grow your own food if you want, cutting living costs even further. 

Outdoor Fun

Of course, living in the country means you have the whole outdoors at your fingertips. You’ll have the opportunity to go hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, star-gazing, and more, at any time. Many rural communities also have events, including potlucks, live music, and local sports teams, so you can still experience exciting community life. 


If you sometimes miss city life, land in South CarolinaTennessee, and Georgia are close enough to metropolitan areas that you can continue enjoying cultural events or even commute to work. And when you get home, you can stretch out on several acres and live the good life. Check out Hurdle today to see how easy it is to start living your quiet country dream.