6 Rural Living Gadgets We’re Thankful For

rural living gadgets

Whether you’ve lived your whole life in the country or have recently made a move from urban areas, you know how some rural living gadgets can make life easier. Plenty of products are available for inside and outside the home, but most are things people have been using for years. We took a look at some of the most popular and then some of the most unique—all to provide you with this handy list of gadgets you may not know about.

With the holiday season upon us, you can add these to your wish list or give one or more to your favorite homesteaders.

Apron Tote

Carrying firewood can be a bit of a pain, can’t it? Whether you’re carrying in a bucket or stacking the wood against your chest, you’re likely to run into some problems. Buckets get heavy after just a few pieces. Carrying in your arms just invites a mess.

To make life, and roaring fires, easier, think about asking for this apron tote. You get the added support from neck, shoulders, and back to help carry without making a mess. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Easy Fire

Whether you’re indoors or outside, starting a roaring fire can be difficult. This is especially true if you’re working with wood that’s been left in the rain or snow for a few days. Easy Fire takes that frustration away by making a great fire easy. These starter logs light in any kind of weather. In fact, you can start a fire right in the snow, if that’s what you need to do.

The bucket is waterproofed to keep the starter logs in the best possible shape, but they’ll light up no matter what. With thirty to a bucket, you’ll never be without warmth on the coldest days of winter.

Solar Wall Lamp

Rural living is so much easier when you use renewable power sources such as solar and wind. Making a full transformation to solar isn’t easy, but you can power several smaller things and cut a big chunk out of your electric bill.

This solar wall lamp is just one of the various products you can use when introducing the idea of solar power into your home. When you’re ready to shut down for the night but still need a little light for moving around the house or winding down with your favorite book, this is the answer.

Umbrella Mosquito Net

Winter is already here, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan ahead for the spring. The bugs are one thing you won’t miss during cold weather, and that’s why you should go ahead and prepare now. This mosquito net fits right over the picnic umbrella you already own. The weighted bottom keeps all flying pests out, so you and your family can enjoy an outdoor meal the moment the weather is warm enough again.

Apple Peeler

Is there anything that deters an apple pie more than the chore of peeling the apples? This apple peeler takes frustration out of this time-consuming task. The gadget itself is a marvel of engineering, giving your kitchen a charming and quaint feel when you attach it to the countertops. With faster peeling times and virtually hands-free operation, there’s no reason not to make amazing apple treats this fall and winter, starting with the apple pie everyone loves.

Driveway Alert

Personal protection is something you need to worry about when you live in the country, no matter how safe you feel on your land. Lock your doors, install an alarm system, and make sure you have one of these driveway alerts. No one can ever take you by surprised again when you install this notification system.

The wireless transmission means you’ll be able to install the system just about anywhere, with no need for cords or cables. You’ll then receive notification any time someone comes to visit—whether they’re invited or not.

Now that you know these gadgets make rural living so much easier, maybe it’s time to start looking at farms and lots in the country. We have many to choose from in Tennessee, South Carolina, and Georgia. You can start improving the land right away, which means you could have your home ready by the holidays. What are you waiting for?