6 Holiday Gifts You Can Buy for $295

6 Holiday Gifts You Can Buy for $295


6 Holiday Gifts You Can Buy for $295

Christmas is coming and you only have about $300 to spend on the one you love the most. What one gift can you get them that will mean the most? You obviously want to get something that is going to be useful as well as valuable. Here are a few of your options:


Here’s a snazzy accessory that can keep your important documents safe while you transport them anywhere you’re going. It even holds your umbrella! (Hopefully, without getting those papers wet.) Then again, you could still get a nice briefcase for about $200 less and use the rest to hire someone to hold your umbrella for you. Of course, you’ll save even more if you are willing to just hold the umbrella yourself.

Slide Sandals

These have got to be some comfortable sandals. Though, we feel if you are going to spend that much on a pair of sandals, you are going to want to have the hotel room at the beach where I’d be taking them off to come with it. Not too many things made of rubber cost as much as nearly a whole set of tires.

A New York Hamburger

It’s been marketed as the most expensive hamburger you can buy. Though, that’s not really our top priority in a piece of meat. I can only imagine how good that burger would taste, but then ten minutes later, you can only imagine it again.

Versace Sunglasses

If looking good is what’s most important to your loved one, then maybe she’d love a new pair of sunglasses. You’ll pay for a decent set of shades, and then twice that amount for the name behind it. Just make sure she’s careful with them after you buy them—glasses are easily broken and even more easily lost. Nice glasses? Yes. Worth the price tag? That’s up to you to decide.

Farm Land for Sale by Owner

Two hundred ninety-five dollars can get you a wide variety of Christmas gifts, but to get the most bang for your buck, why not consider putting a down payment for the same amount on a large piece of land down south? Start building a dream farm home right away for any size, in any of our locations for just $295. You’ll then pay low monthly payments at a fixed interest rate to make that land fully yours. We don’t run credit checks or charge closing fees.

Isn’t starting a new life in your own home exactly what your loved one would love most? It certainly lasts longer than a hamburger.