4 Homesteading YouTubers Who'll Teach You to Love Your Laurens Land

4 Homesteading YouTubers Who'll Teach You to Love Your Laurens Land

Laurens County in South Carolina is a true homesteaders dream. Land in Gray Court is just about the prettiest you’ll find anywhere, and it’s perfect for starting your own little self-sustained farm.

Now, if you don’t yet know how to be a homesteader, that’s okay. Everyone has to start somewhere. Don’t let the unknowns overwhelm you. You’ve got the perfect land in Laurens, the perfect lease-to-own deal with Hurdle, and you have YouTube homesteaders to guide you along the way.

These 4 homesteaders from YouTube will show you everything you need to know to love your Laurens County, SC, land.

Homesteading the Pioneer Way

This YouTuber brings you all the things you expect from life on a farm, from homemade cheeses and butter to canning and quilting. Some of the videos give information on tasks so fun and easy that even the kids can get involved. You’ll also learn smart things to do with items you might normal consider leftovers or garbage, like garlic blossoms, scrap material, and veggie stems.

Homesteading Family

This channel really does make it a family affair, with plenty of crafts, chores, and lessons for the kids so everyone can be involved. There are also videos about their homeschooling life, so if you decide to add homeschooling to the mix, you’ll have great tips and tricks to get started. One of the most helpful aspects of Homesteading Family is that they’re not afraid to share their failures and how they turned them into big wins. You’ll gain inspiration to get you through your own stumbles.

Deep South Homestead

Life in the South is different than anywhere else, isn’t it? We grow different vegetables, experience different weather, and face different challenges. This channel addresses those differences, all of which you’ll encounter as you build your homestead on your land in Gray Court. From growing sweet potatoes to curing bacon to learning how to enjoy those sweet summer thunderstorms, you’ll love learning how to homestead in the South.

Fouch Family Off-Grid

Now, homesteading and living off the grid are two different things, but many people choose to do both. The Fouch family shows you how it’s done with their series of videos packed with information about electricity off the grid, gathering rainwater, cooking on an open flame, and even building a home. You’ll catch glimpses of the kids getting into the action, which will give you some ideas of how your whole family can get and stay involved in your new homesteading lifestyle.

You’re just a small $295 down payment away from your homesteading dreams, along with a few clicks away from the help you need to get started. To find the perfect Laurens land for your new homestead, give us a call.