4 Crafts You Can Make With Nature

4 Crafts You Can Make With Nature

You may have read that title and immediately thought of your kindergarten class. If so, it’s time to think ahead to the present day. Besides the beauty of what you can create, your crafts can also bring in a nice little side income if you’re up for selling. The profit margin increases when you are able to fill your supply list from the abundance of the vast outdoors. Interested in getting started, but lacking ideas? Here are a few categories of projects, and some ideas for easy crafts to get you thinking.

1. Wreaths

When you walk around any small town neighborhood, you rarely come across an empty door front. People like to announce to the world what they are all about. While many wreaths focus on holidays, you often come across some related to sports or recreational activities. Mostly, it’s about visual appeal. A natural wreath is a thing of beauty. Whether you choose to wind together evergreen branches, hardy vines, or glue together something completely different (corn cobs, anyone?), make sure it’s consistent all the way around. A ribbon around the wreath will help to tie it together in more ways than one! For a simple wreath, you can stop there, but feel free to add some more natural treasures to complete the look.

2. Plaques

Something that has become very popular in home decorating has been hand-crafted signs. The more natural-looking the sign is, the more popular it would be. Plaques are a way of declaring to the world what your family or home is all about, in just a few words. As long as you have some wood, paint, and a few creative expressions, you’re good to go with this one. The wood you want to use should be flat, so make sure if you’re using bark or a piece from one of your trees, that you have it sanded down. Leave as much of the original wood grain as you can when you paint, as the natural look is what is most popular. Plan out your expression so that it fits on your wood – it can be as long or as short as the wood allows. Then use a computer to help you choose the most appropriate (and writable!) font. A sturdy hanger on the back, and you’re done.

3. Ornaments

When you have plenty of natural supplies, you can easily decorate an entire tree (Christmas, or otherwise) with homemade creations. See what’s outside decorating your existing trees. Pine cones can be decorated easily by simply adding glitter or spraying a little paint. Gather grass and straw to make your own bird nests. Or get really creative with what you find to craft tiny birds or animals. If you decide to sell your ornaments, a nice touch is to show them on a small tree, so the buyer can see how nice they look from every presented angle (and also encourage them to buy enough for their own tree!)

4. Flower Arrangements

Whereas this is not exactly a craft, flower arranging is still a great way to make use of your garden. You likely have plenty of beautiful wildflowers that aren’t helping anyone but the bees. Mix a few together with some of the flowers you’ve cultivated in your garden, and all you are paying for is the price of the vase. People will pay plenty for a fresh splash of color.

So while you thought your farm was only good for growing food, here’s your chance to bring in a little more income, or even just beautify your own little home.

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