4 Big Projects for Small Farm Land in Georgia




Perhaps the very reason you chose to purchase your cozy plot of farm land in Georgia was because you like to work. Not the sitting-behind-a-computer kind of work, but real, hands-on, get-in-the-dirt kind of work. Now that your land is ready and waiting for you, what do you think it is asking for? Here are a few ideas.



1.     Trellis

Let’s start small. Maybe you are waiting for the crops you planted to take hold and you’d like to see some color in your backyard while you’re waiting. Build yourself a little planter for the back porch or deck. The box for the planter can be as simple or ornate as you choose, since the main attraction will be coming from in the box. The trellis will consist of crisscrossed thin planking you have stemming up from the planter. Be sure to plant vines that produce colorful flowers. You may even attract some beautiful wild birds with it.


2.     Fire Pit

Anyone can throw a hibachi on the back porch to roast some marshmallows, but what if you made your Friday Night Fires a part of your backyard scenery? If you build a stone fire pit, not only will it be safer (small children would really have to try to fall and get burned), but definitely more attractive. How can you say to a relaxing night out by the fire, especially on these cold November evenings?


3.     Gazebo or Screen House

Would it be great to have a retreat away from the rest of the house? Or maybe you need to get out of the inside and spend some time with the nature that surrounds your property. Whatever reason you have for needing privacy (personal or possibly romantic…) a gazebo is a great place to find it. However, since gazebos are open air structures, you may also consider the possibility of building a screen house – nearly the same idea, though often less decorative. A screen house might be a better bet for those concerned about bugs.


4.     Water Features

When you consider decorative features for your back yard property, it’s hard not to think of the water features you could include. You could begin with something simple, such as a fountain that you have in your flower garden or arbor, or you could make the water feature more of a statement and create a pond. Ponds can be as small as you like, making visitors do a double-take to see if they saw what they thought they did, or something that features prominently in your yard. Larger ponds might even be able to carry stocked fish. (If you are concerned about birds carrying away your stock, the right decorations or screening could keep your fish safe in their home.) Either way, water definitely adds a new dimension to your property.



If these projects sound irresistible, but you still don’t have the kind of back yard space required for them, what are you waiting for? Check Hurdle to see what they have available for you now, and then get your tools out and get ready to work!