3 Smart Tips for Building a Treehouse

3 Smart Tips for Building a Treehouse

Now that you’ve bought that perfect owner-financing land for sale in Georgia, are you looking for a new family project that the kids will love? Every kid has always dreamed of his or her own treehouse! With leaves falling soon, you’ll have the perfect blank canvas to build on.

And come on; you know you’ve always wanted to build one. Here’s how to do it right.

1. Plan

You’re going to need more than just a day to do this right. Don’t try to see what you can make by using pieces of wood you have lying around. You certainly want to make sure your kids stay safe, so see how much you can budget for the right supplies. Create a blueprint, and then head to the store to buy what you need for the size you are making. If you head to a place such as Home Depot, you may find DIY kits or people to help you there.

Choose the right tree for the job. The roots should be deep in the ground. (Trees with shallow roots are prone to be uprooted during a storm.) It should also be a tree that has pretty much finished its growth. A young tree could wind up looking like the incredible Hulk as it grows, shedding the house like an outgrown shirt.

2. Involve the Kids

What better way to get your kids excited about math than by having them help you with the building of their own playhouse. They will be proud to do the measuring, and what a perfect time to introduce the importance of “measure twice, cut once.” They’ll be sure to ask you questions, such as “Why do you need so much more wood in the foundation platform?” Or “Why must there be posts in the corners.” It’s a great learning experience with important life lessons.

3. Consider What You Use

The house you build is going to need to fit around the form of an existing tree. You will need to take that into consideration as you build. You may cut the floorboards to accommodate the trunk of the tree, but consider where branches or offshoots will be in relation to the house. It may be difficult to get a wall around another branch. And if it is going to go up through the roof, the house may get a little wet inside during rain.

As far as the supplies you use, you will need to make sure the wood you use is sturdy and treated, so that it will not weaken or rot as it weathers the elements. Choose wood with limited flaws, so that it won’t split when bolts or nails are applied. Also consider any clamps and any other blots that will be exposed are safe for everyone, including the tree.

Now that you know how to make the perfect treehouse and become your kids’ hero, all you need is to find the perfect tree… in the perfect yard. Have you been searching for the piece of owner-financing land for sale in Georgia to build your homestead? See what Hurdle has available in your desired neck of the woods today. You’ll be sure to find the tree you’re looking for.