3 Reasons to Buy Land in Georgia


The time will come when you are ready to venture into the world of homeownership. You will go through countless houses, picturing your family life in each while also listening to your kids argue over which bedroom they deserve. There will be times when you feel as though every house you look at, no matter what style it was built in, has started to look the exact same. Why put yourself through the hassle of buying a ready-built home when you could custom build your own?

The first step towards building that dream house is deciding where you want to put down roots. Might we recommend one of the most beautiful and eclectic states in the union? Thanks to a thriving metropolis in Atlanta, beautiful beaches, and stunning country landscapes throughout the state, Georgia should be on the top of your list, and we’re here to tell you why.

Southern Hospitality

You can’t go through anywhere in the state of Georgia without experiencing the true meaning of Southern hospitality. Respect for elders and others is the norm around these parts. Sweet tea is as hot a commodity down here as water would be anywhere else, and you’ll often hear “sir” and “ma’am” on a daily basis no matter where you go. Whether you’re buying land outside of the big city or deep in the southern backwoods, you will be treated to friendly faces and a wave by just about everyone you meet.

Unmatched Natural Beauty

When most people think about Georgia, they usually tend to gravitate toward the big city of Atlanta. A lot of people love the noise and excitement of the big city while others prefer the quiet countryside. No matter which one you prefer, you’ll be able to find some of the most beautiful natural attractions to keep you in touch with Mother Nature.

For instance, you could take the whole family out to Cumberland Island, the largest and southernmost barrier island in Georgia, for a day of sand castles, swimming, and even a little taste of history. For those that are more adventurous and athletic, a day at Raven Cliff Falls will provide a full day of camping, fishing, and hiking up to a beautiful waterfall while surrounded by the beauty of the Chattahoochee National Forest.

Quality of Living

In addition to the beautiful country, bustling cities, and friendly faces you’ll find down in Georgia, you’ll also be happy to know the quality of living is pretty high as well. Ranked at 14 out of 50 in regards to the cost of living, Georgia also ranks 14th and 15th in state economy and government, respectively. This means you’ll get more for your money when it comes to buying land as well as buying anything else, for that matter.

These are all pretty important things to consider when looking for land to buy in these great southern states of ours. If you’d like to explore the possibility of living in Georgia, give us a call. We’ll help you find the perfect piece of land where you can build your own version of forever.