3 Items Necessary to Start Your New Farm Life in South Carolina


3 Items Necessary to Start Your New Farm Life in South Carolina

Land spreadin' out so far and wide Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.” -Green Acres

Are you ready to leave the city life and find out for yourself if farm living is the life for you? There is really something to be said about getting back in touch with nature and self sufficiency and starting your own farm is one of the best ways to do so. Now, it’s not exactly the easiest thing in the world to do, but transitioning into the simple life out in the countryside of South Carolina can be rewarding in so many different ways. However, you can’t just box up your city life and head out to a blank plot of land. There are quite a few necessities you’ll need to invest in to get your own Green Acres started.

Land Spread Out Far And Wide

While this is surely stating the obvious, the first thing you’ll need is a plot of land. We encourage you to take your time when comparing farm land for sale in South Carolina. You don’t want to settle on one spot only to find your dream location later on after you’ve already signed the papers. You’ll want to make sure the plot of land you find will have the space you need for the animals you want to raise, a spot for a garden, access to water (pond, stream, etc.), and no farm would be complete without a tire swing hanging from a big oak tree.


Have you ever seen a Toyota Prius hauling a trailer full of farm equipment or llamas? Probably not, because it would be virtually impossible. Additionally, no matter how sleek and cool they look, having a lifted fancy truck with an expensive paint job isn’t your best option for farm transportation either. Rather, you’re going to need a sturdy, long lasting truck manufactured back in the days when things were built to last. Having a good farm truck will give you a way to haul things like firewood and animal feed in the bed of the truck while also having the power needed to haul a trailer filled with livestock.

And we can’t forget about the dire need for a tractor on the farm. Not only will it make hay rides in the fall so much more fun, a tractor is pretty important when it comes to plowing, planting, and harvesting; all of which are necessary to starting and maintaining any farm.

Must-Have Miscellaneous Items

It should come as no surprise to even the most inexperienced farm hand that you will need tools to make it on the farm. Make sure to stock your barn, shed, or store room with plenty of nails and screws, knives, a chainsaw, an ax, and the usual suspects found in most toolboxes (drills, screwdrivers, etc.). However, make sure you splurge on these items. Cheaper may be cheaper, but it’s definitely not better.

And last, but not least: You have to have patience, a sense of humor, and someone to help guide you along the way. Let us help you get started on giving yourself a piece of that countryside!