3 Easy Weekend OffGrid Projects

3 Easy Weekend Off-Grid Projects 
By Hurdle Land & Realty


Are you interested in turning your home into an off-grid haven? You may be searching for a property now and looking into all the ways to start living self-reliantly. 

Although going off-grid is a huge, high-effort endeavor, there are small ways you can start converting your property. Try these three simple weekend projects to build independence and live freely.  


Rain Barrel  

Finding a sustainable water source is one of the most critical parts of off-grid living. Although rain barrel water isn't safe for drinking, it will provide plenty of water for your garden or animals.  

You can purchase a premade rain barrel at a garden store. Or, turn an old plastic barrel or garbage can into an easy water source. You'll want to install a spigot into the bottom of the barrel for easy access and a cotton sheet or landscaping fabric on top to keep debris out. Consider placing your rain barrel underneath the downspout of your gutters to collect extra water. 


Chicken Coop

Chickens are among the easiest and most beneficial animals when living off-grid. Not only will they save you significant money on fresh, home-sourced eggs, but they are also a great source of fertilizer. You can even harvest chicken meat if you want. They also make for easy disposal of food scraps. 

Chicken coops cost upwards of $300 premade, but you can build one even cheaper using your own wood scraps. Do your research to see what fits the number of chickens you want to raise. You can rest easy knowing that you and you only grew some of your staple foods.  


Fire Pit 

Fire pits are an opportunity to do some good cooking, roast some marshmallows, or tell spooky stories around. Fire pits are super fun and super cheap, too. Again, you can always purchase a fire pit, but making your own is much more fun. All it takes is bricks and a fire pit ring (possibly made from half a metal barrel). Of course, you can add a few extra materials to build the fire pit of your dreams.


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