3 Amazing Barns for Inspiration

rural land barns

When you buy a large plot of land, your first thought might just be to develop a small farm. And what is a farm without an amazing barn. Maybe you don’t want just any old barn, too. On some of the prettiest land in the south, you might just need a beautiful building. That’s why we gathered some of the most inspiring images out there and brought there here. Maybe you’ll get some great ideas for your own new farm.

Tiny Barn

This is the perfect solution for someone who needs a spot to hide the lawn mower and pile up wood for winter. The building isn’t overwhelming while still adding to the charm of your little farm.


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Made of Stone

These are harder work than many of the barns used today, but the labor is definitely worth it in the end. How beautiful is that stonework? And the red doors call to the traditional barn color without being overwhelming.


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Round Barn

The round barn is another that might not be easily built, but the finished product is worth the effort. These are also a seriously cool part of barn history, and paying homage with your own smaller version is a great way to keep that history alive.

Doesn’t every homestead deserve a barn as beautiful as one of these? You could get started improving your land right away, as soon as you make your down payment. The monthly payments are easy and, of course, we never require a credit check. All of this adds up to more time and money, and less stress for you. If that sounds like a great deal, give us a call to learn about farms in South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia.