14 Garden Crops That Love the Southern Heat

14 Garden Crops That Love the Southern Heat

If you have been planning on cultivating a family farm in northern Georgia, or another warm Southern state, you should be aware of the produce that will best work in your gardens. Here’s a brief guide to a few that will thrive for you.

Beans – Because of their pickiness about weather and soil, a southern state like Georgia is the perfect place to grow beans. Make sure to follow directions for their peculiarity, and they will reward you.

Black-Eyed Peas – Here’s a great legume for a summer garden. Black-eyed peas love warm soil and full sun. Perfect for a southern garden.

Cantaloupe – This sweet melon loves warmth, sun, and slightly acidic soil, so if your garden has a little extra room, consider taking on this picky plant.

Corn - Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some corn on the cob. Warm weather and the perfect soil are all you need to get started with this summer garden staple.

Cucumbers – Cucumbers love warm, humid weather, so they are especially well-suited to grow in the South. Make sure not to plant them before the last frost of the season.

Eggplants – Like peppers and tomatoes, which are in the same family, eggplants do best in warmer climates and need to avoid extreme cold. Only plant these when you can be sure there is no danger of frost.

Okra – This plant is the best in extreme temperatures (warm) and constant sunlight.

Peanuts – Gotta add a little protein to your diet, so how about this tasty legume? Peanuts are an easy late-spring/summer staple for your garden if you’ve got the right kind of soil and plenty of sunshine.

Peppers (Hot and Sweet) – Peppers love consistently warm summer air and lots of time to grow. They make a perfect summer garden veggie.

Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are not like regular potatoes and require a more specific growing regime. Fortunately, they love long summers, which make them ideal for gardens in the South. Just be prepared for a long growing season.

Soybeans – Here’s another legume that can provide your family with some additional protein. Again, it’s one worth waiting through a long growing period, but a good crop for warm weather.

Squash – This is an easy plant to grow in the South because it takes well to warm weather (though it is hearty enough to survive cooler temps) and establishes itself for future growth. They do love the sun, so make sure to keep them exposed.

Tomatoes -These vine plants like warm weather, but not too warm. Ideally, not above 80ºF. Although tomatoes are traditionally a spring plant, you may be able to get an additional harvest in the fall.

Watermelon – Watermelons are pretty easy to grow when you live in the South. Just remember that they love the sun, and warm nights are best. This list is far from comprehensive. Growing your own food can be a lot of fun, and it can meet the tastes of everyone in your family. Need to find the perfect farm to raise these crops? Contact us today!