Winter Activities for Your Rural Georgia Land


Living on your new property in Georgia, you might still find some pretty great wintery weather to enjoy, even though it's still a Southern state. Georgia winters are the best because they are milder than up north, where winter might mean a need to stay inside. Living in Baldwin County, you can find plenty to do outside in the milder winter temperatures so you can fully appreciate the beauty of the season. 

Snowshoe Through a Forest 

Nothing beats getting outside in the fresh air for some exercise. Breathing that crisp air can be exhilarating, and it won't leave you a sticky mess. With the beautiful scenery of local woods, you've got trails as well as non-marked paths you can follow by hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing. No matter how you choose to keep moving, there's no doubt you will keep your heart rate up to keep calories burning. No need to worry about staying warm when you are generating your own heat! 

Go Ice Skating 

One favorite winter activity that you'll enjoy in Southern states like Georgia is ice skating. Imagine gliding smoothly across the ice with the wind breezing past your ears. It may be a little dangerous to skate if you can't find an adequately frozen pond. However, there are many skating rinks through Georgia that will make sure you stay safe (and dry!) 

Camp Out 

The stars always seem brighter when the temperature goes down. Picture how beautiful they will be in the winter when you stretch out in your cozy sleeping bag and stare up at the heavens to find the winter constellations. If you are looking to get off your new O'Quinn Pond property for the night to get a different view, Georgia has plenty of expansive campgrounds to visit. 

Ride Through the Fields 

You may get excited at the thought of looking out your window on a cold winter morning to see the first frost or snow of the season. With that snow blanketing the ground as far as your eye can see, don't you want to get out and explore it all? Choose your favorite transportation – tractor, horseback, 4-wheeler, or even your truck – and hit the road (or field)! 

Try a Tour 

Sometimes it's easier to warm up from the inside out. Go for a wine tasting tour and feel the cozy warmth flow through your veins as you stroll along. Maybe wine isn't your favorite. That's fine – Georgia has plenty of other tours that will help you get to know the state (and its spirits) while walking about in the fresh air. 


Of course, you are probably already thinking about which winter activity you want to try first, but you may be disappointed if the distance is too great. Imagine living within a stone's throw of these fantastic activities! Contact today to see about purchasing land for sale on O'Quinn's Pond Farm that can be yours before the season even hits.