Why You Should Buy Owner Financed Land for Sale

If you have been considering selling it all and moving out the country, there may be no better time to do it than now. Even if you don’t want to sell everything and are just looking to build a summer getaway that’s far away from everything, now would be a great time to start looking. 


Still not convinced? Just think of the benefits of having your own piece of rural land.


Made to Order

One of the greatest aspects of buying land is the possibilities it presents. You aren’t forced into a box. You want to build a tiny home? Great, do it. Mobile home? Log cabin? Whatever you’d like! Maybe you’ve already been shopping around for a little getaway place in the country, but you don’t like the cabinets in this one, or the closets are too small from that one. Create whatever kind of house you want. Or don’t! You can always keep the land for farming, stables, or your own private garden.


Fresh Farm Food

An important reason to consider rural land is the opportunity it presents for a healthy lifestyle. Rural land that has not been previously farmed is rich in nutrients, making the produce you yield in a vegetable garden delicious and free from toxins. And with greater acreage, your garden can be even bigger to fill your salad-eating needs. Now, obviously the yield you get might be bigger than you need, which means you could start a little side hustle of selling your goods for profit.



Need we say more? If you’ve just about had it with the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, you might just be in need of a hefty dose of fresh air, sunshine, and vitamin D. Purchasing rural land gives you and your family plenty of space to get outside and play games or pursue hobbies, without breathing in the toxic pollutants in the city air. Speaking of pollution, imagine the freedom you will have from the noise pollution you find in the city. No traffic means you can listen to birds, crickets, rain, and all the other soothing sounds of the country. And with you nearest neighbors possibly miles away, you don’t need to worry about their lights drowning out the tapestry of stars across the sky each night.


Lower Price

After reading these compelling reasons to buy rural land, you might be wondering if it makes sense financially, to which we can give you a resounding YES! Personal landowners are more likely to see your needs and help you reach a reasonable deal over a bank-financed plot of land. Additionally, when purchasing rural land, taxes will be lower and the value could go up later if you ever decide to give it up in the future.


Not sure you can afford this extra little house in the woods your dreaming of? Yes, you can! Hurdle offers properties for $295 down, no closing costs, and low monthly payments. Make that dream come true and start today.