Why Homesteading Land In Georgia Is An Excellent Move for You

Why Homesteading Land In Georgia Is An Excellent Move for You

Have you ever considered living in Georgia? If you have been considering purchasing land for sale in Georgia by owner to create a farm or homestead, there are several reasons why this state may be your best choice to settle.

1. The Price is Right
Just about everything you’re looking for, from gas to taxes to groceries, comes a little cheaper in Georgia. The cost of living is considerably lower than what you would find almost anywhere else in the country. The median price of a home in the Peach State is nearly a hundred thousand dollar less than the national average.

2. Plenty to Do
Even if your homestead is a little off the beaten track, you’re going to want to find something find to do on the weekends. Georgia offers cities and towns of all sizes, each with something different to boast about. Atlanta offers professional sports teams to root for, along with other big city amenities such as a zoo, aquarium, museums, and more. Savannah may be your destination for more cultural activities so you can really get to know what the South is about. And every other local town will be proud to highlight their history and monuments so you can get to know them better too.

3. Fresh Produce
Georgia is known for the variety that can be found in their farmer’s markets. Whether you’re coming to buy or to sell – or both! – you won’t have far to go to find what you need. This could be a great opportunity to go a little more green and get your diet healthier. Find something new and google a recipe for it. It’s all about adventure, even in what you’re eating.

4. Natural Beauty
Sure, you could find a big spot of land out west. But what will you see there? Deserts? Plains? A lot of nothing? As an Atlantic shoreline state, there is plenty of moisture in the air to cultivate some beautiful foliage. If mountains are what you’re looking for, Northern Georgia has you covered. Pretty much whatever you’re looking for can be found in Georgia (except deserts, but they don’t make very good farms anyway.)

5. Comfortable Temperatures
The average yearly temperature in Georgia is around 63ºF. The weather stays consistently warm, even through the winter, when the average temperature is still in the 50s. That means less of a chance of snow or early frost to ruin your crops, and more of a chance of abundant growth.

6. Southern Hospitality
Whether it’s just to say hello or it’s a neighbor lending a helping hand, you can count on the people of Georgia to be there for you. When you go into town, you’re bound to find someone to give you the time of day for whatever you need.

Now that you’ve seen the reasons why land for sale in Georgia by owner would make a perfect homestead, Perhaps you need a way to find the best deal you can get on a great piece of land. Contact your friends at Hurdle today to get a look at what’s available and waiting for you.