Why Gardening on Your Land in Georgia Is Important Right Now

Why Gardening on Your Land in Georgia Is Important Right Now

If you are like most Americans right now, your brain is moving about a hundred miles an hour, trying to make sense of the world we live in. If you thought ahead, however, and planted for a fall garden on your land in Georgia, then at least you have something waiting to take your mind off of everything this September and October.

Fall vegetables are often the sweetest and crispest of anything you’ll plant during gardening season. You’re about to benefit from the freshest of foods, but there are additional benefits you may not know about.

Gardening Improves Your Health

Most people know that exercise produces endorphins, which in turn helps your mind to work better by increasing the oxygen flow in your blood. Since gardening can produce 300- 400 calories an hour, gardening can become the go-to means of exercise for someone who does not want to pound the pavement on a run.

Getting the kids involved can benefit them as well. Exposing children to the good bacteria found in dirt helps them to develop an immune system that can battle health complications they might encounter later in life, such as allergies and asthma.

Gardening Helps You Eat Better

You might not want to admit it, but you know that it’s true. Your body just feels better when you eat right. How can you find a fool-proof way to make sure healthy fruits and veggies are within arm’s reach? Grow them yourself.

You know what else feels better when you eat fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden? Your wallet. Not only do you know exactly where your salad is coming from, but you don’t even have to go to the grocery store to get it. What this leaves you with is: more money, safer food, and more gas in your car. Add that to your healthier body, and it might just seem like things are coming together for you. Or at least it is in your personal sphere.

Clear Your Mind

You don’t have to “become one with the dirt” to get the clearness of mind you might be craving. Studies have been done on human physiology in relationship to interaction with soil. Enzymes found in the ground can stimulate the production of serotonin in a person’s brain, which leads to an overall improved mood, making gardening a much cheaper alternative to antidepressants. And let’s not forget that absolute perfect feeling you get when you pull out a weed with root intact.

When all is said and done, the problems of the world will still be there. If not the ones that were there at first, new ones may have taken over. Gardening on your land in Georgia won’t solve the world’s problems, but it might help with a few of your own. Get yourself a plot of land with ample space for a garden from Hurdle and then dig your fingers in the dirt. A new old way of grounding yourself.