Why 2021 is Your Year to Buy Land in Georgia


Buying land to build your own home can be a dream come true. Instead of buying a house that is already built and made to someone else’s specifications, you can design your own home that you will love for a lifetime. So, with everything going on in the world, why is 2021 the year to start buying land? Here are three reasons to buy land in Georgia in 2021.

The Ownership Cost and Overhead

The ownership cost of land is like nothing else. It is an asset that you own just like a house but in different ways. The land has zero to very little maintenance costs and property taxes on land are very low. If left in its pristine and undeveloped condition, there is virtually no cost for upkeep or emergency repairs.  

Secondary Income from Your Land

If you don’t want to build on your land and wonder what you could do on it other than letting it sit there, there are plenty of great ideas on how to turn your land into a second income.

You can make money by renting your land during the holidays or setting up a listing through HipCamp, the Airbnb of camping. You can charge people to use your land for camping. Customize your income and their experience by offering a rustic bare bones area or upgrade it with amenities like a fire pit, table, and solar lighting for a luxury glamping experience.

If your land is in a good location, you can rent it to people selling things like pumpkins during the fall or Christmas trees in the winter. If your land is remote, you can grow these items as well and buyers can come to get them straight from you.

You can also do some farming on your land. You can plant organic produce and take it to farmer’s markets on the weekend and have some cash from your work. You don’t even have to have a huge farm to grow and sell produce.

Huge Returns on Land

Land can have huge returns in the future. Since cities and developments are continuously growing, more land is needed to build housing, business, and other places. Eventually, this trend will catch up to your land and the less land that is available, the higher the value goes up. Since land is a highly marketable commodity and an important part of the world, it’s practically inflation resistant. This means that the value of the land doesn’t become less than what it was when you purchased it. Buying land now will be a huge return on your investment if you decide to sell it in the future.


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