Snow Day Winter Activities

Hurdle considers owning your own piece of land a right. Having your personal property allows you to take advantage of the seasons in ways that few get the opportunity too. For example, the Snow Day! Children everywhere dream of this day, it’s elusive, and rarely happens- it’s the snow day! Kids rejoice when their school shows up on the school closing list. By the age of 6 they’ve learned how to go online and check the closings on the news sites while still doing the snow dance. Don’t let the weather outside looking frightful keep you from doing these fun snow day activities! Let the snow be a blessing and spend quality time with the family. 

Crafts and Cooking 

Take this snow day opportunity to bond with your family. 
  • Bake your worries away with sugar cookies and gingerbread- let your children get their hands dirty and customize their own cookie or gingerbread house. 
  • Make your own snowflake cut-out to proudly display on your fridge. 
  • Snow Cream is also a great choice as long as the snow you pick is clean and fresh. Here’s a great recipe!


Go outside and explore your property and community. The winter changes your land. Take this chance to go on an adventure. Pull on those hiking boots, dress warmly,  and let the snow give you a fresh set of eyes.


Every kid loves sledding. The wind in your face and the threat of faceplanting into snow, thrills both children and adults. A snow day is the perfect time for you to dust off that sled or trashcan top and hit the slopes. 
      1. Find the perfect size hill(that offers a clear runway) and pat down the snow to make it smooth and firm.
      2. Pick out  a partner and start walking up the hill. 
      3. When you’re at the top, sit in the middle of your sled, have your partner give yourself a push.
      4. Enjoy the ride! 
Snow days offers you more activities than just sitting in front of the TV and watching vintage re-runs.Stay warm with hot chocolate, family, and the security of being a landowner. Reach out to Hurdle for your own piece of the America.