Rural Living: Autumn Bonfire Safety Tips

bonfire safety tips

One of the greatest joys of autumn in the country is a big bonfire with roasting marshmallows and hot dogs. Now that temperatures are cooling, you may be tempted to build a fire in your backyard and invite some friends over. Before you do, take some time to learn these bonfire safety tips.

Keep Fire Contained

It’s never a good idea to build a fire directly on the ground with no perimeter. Stone, brick, or even a ring of dirt will help keep the fire contained. Keep the fire to the center of the circle so that embers and falling logs don’t set the surrounding grass on fire.

Burn Dry Wood

Wet wood creates more smoke, which is a danger to you and anyone close enough to inhale it. Wet wood can also pop and snap, which creates embers that could spread the fire outside your contained area.

Don’t Use Accelerants

Waiting of a fire to catch is hard. We all want to start making s’mores as soon as possible. Still, resist the urge, because accelerants can cause a fire to roar out of control before you know it. Don’t take a chance.

Keep Water Nearby

Whether you have a large bucket or a hose at the ready, make sure you have something. Your bonfire could spread quickly in the event of a gust of wind or an errant ember. You should be prepared to put it out immediately.

Don’t Walk Away

Your fire should be attended at all times by an adult. Children and pets should be kept at a safe distance and should never be left alone with the bonfire. If you need to step away for any reason, douse the fire before you go. You can always build it again when you return.

Burn Safe Materials

As tempting as it may be to rid your house and yard of garbage, make sure you burn only safe materials. Paper, wood, and cardboard should be the only things within your fire ring. Canisters, tires, Styrofoam, and other objects with chemicals in them could create toxic fumes. Worse, these items could also explode and cause serious injury.

Stir the Ashes

When you’re ready to put the fire out, use the water again. Don’t ever leave a fire to burn to embers. Douse the fire, stir the ashes, and then douse the fire again. Continue this process until smoke, steam, and glowing coals are gone.

With these tips, you can build several successful autumn bonfires on your rural land. If you’re ready to start truly enjoying all the fun fall brings to the countryside, give us a call. We’ll tell you how you can purchase your own piece of forever with a low down payment and zero closing costs. Happy fall!