From Rural Hideaway to Holiday Central

rural holiday plans

There’s nothing more fun than sleigh bells in the snow, but they’re hard to hear when you’re in the big city. That’s why so many people love Christmas in the countryside. Maybe you don’t have the bright lights of Macy’s or Bloomingdales, but you will get so much more in return. Not sure how to have the best Christmas in the country? Here are some ideas to turn your rural hideaway into holiday central.

Sleigh Ride

Even if you don’t have horses and a decorative sleigh, you can still enjoy an open-air ride under the stars. Pack a trailer or wagon with blankets, hot cocoa, and cookies and hitch it to your truck or tractor. Then gather all your friends and family to take turns exploring your wooded acreage in Georgia, Tennessee, or South Carolina.


Maybe you can’t go from house to house when you’re out in the country—after all, that’s quite a walk! But you can gather some of your closest friends and family to visit with those who may not have company during the holiday season. Visit nursing homes and hospitals to spread cheer to those who need some happiness the most this time of year. You’ll have fun and brighten someone’s day with your songs at the same time.

Flea Markets and Craft Fairs

Nothing feels more festive than cruising the aisles at a local flea market. During the Christmas season, you can find holiday-inspired gifts and crafts, great deals on clothing and home décor, and sometimes you might even score a treasured antique or two for your home. Grab some hot chocolate or coffee from the refreshment stand and enjoy whiling away the hours.

Holiday Baking

Is there anything more fun than creating cookies, pies, cakes, and candies to share with everyone? When you live in the country, you can slow down and just enjoy the holiday spirit. Fill your kitchen with your favorite Christmas foods, decorate cookies with the kids, and maybe even take some of the finished product with you when you go caroling. You’ll love every moment of your holiday season.

This beautiful picture of rural holidays can be yours. Hurdle Land and Realty makes buying land in the southeast easier than ever. With just a down payment, you could be living the country Christmas of your dreams.